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Phone Addiction Help: Understanding Warning Signs And Taking Control Of Device Usage

phone addiction help

If you need any proof that phone addiction is alive and well, take a look at the people around you in any given environment. Whether sitting at a restaurant, enjoying the park, or even just walking down a busy street- it is incredible how many people you will find engaged on their phone. Of course, […]

The Dark Side of Technology: Understanding Digital Addiction

digital addiction

Whether we all want to believe it or not, there is a deep and often dark world that lurks night and day online. The tricky thing about technology is that it never sleeps, and it will always be there to captivate your attention. When learning about the dark side of technology: understanding digital addiction, it’s […]

Anxiety Disorder Help: How Therapy Can Change Your Life

Anxiety Disorder Help

Millions of people worldwide struggle with anxiety disorders, feeling overwhelmed by persistent worry, fear, or panic. While these emotions are a normal part of life, they can become debilitating when they interfere with daily functioning. Fortunately, there is hope—therapy has been proven to be a highly effective form of anxiety disorder help. In this blog […]

Struggling With Addiction to Screens? Regain Control of Your Life With Omega Recovery

addiction to screens

In an era where the glow of technology infiltrates every corner of our lives, it’s no wonder that a growing number of people are grappling with addiction to screens. From the innocent notifications that lure us into the digital vortex to the social media feeds that can swallow hours without us even noticing, our relationship […]

Omega’s Recovery’s Dr. K helps Florida Legislature Pass law banning Social Media in Schools

Omega Recovery’s Dr. K has recently played a pivotal role in aiding the Florida legislature to pass a crucial bill that bans the use of social media in schools. This significant step has been taken after realizing the severe negative effects of technology and social media on the mental health and academic progress of students. […]

Tech Addition

What is Technology Addiction?The modern world is always online. While many have adapted to this quite well, there are others who have been deeply damaged by having too much access to technology. Technology addiction is a type of addiction that has only been recently recognized, but it has certainly reached epidemic proportions among some groups.  […]

Lack of Purpose or Meaning in One’s Life

For many, addiction is about escaping pain–physical or emotional. Yet for others, their addiction is all about filling a sense of emptiness that exists in their lives. These “existential crises” can be a result of retirement, divorce, illness, a death in the family…or merely a sense purposelessness that leads to a life adrift and devoid […]

Shopping/ Spending

Obsession: “I deserve this” Buying and/or searching for the next deal Shopping addiction comes in many forms. The average person may say they look at a day of spending as a release from the stresses of life, like enjoying a slice of chocolate cake. They just don’t do it all the time. However, for others, shopping […]

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