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How Dialectical Behavioral Therapy can make a difference in Trauma

Hello, my name is Chandlar Coskrey and I am a primary therapist at Omega Recovery. I have been with Omega for almost a year now and I can honestly say this treatment center is special. As a therapist it is rare to find a place that encourages innovation and creativity. Omega has always supported me […]

The Importance of Co-Occurring Treatment

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Konyak and I am the Clinical Program Coordinator at Omega Recovery. I am currently licensed as an LPC-A, I have been working in the field for about two years. My clinical experience has centered around treatment of dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorders. I am always eager to speak […]

Treating Tech Addiction at Omega Recovery

Social Media Addiction Austin

Hello! My name is Madison Hamm, and I am the current Clinical Director of Omega Recovery. Part of my journey with Omega has been working closely with Dr. Kardaras to consistently build, improve and innovate within the field of technology addiction. What I have found in my experience with technology addiction is that it is […]

Exceptional Psychiatric Treatment Center In South Austin

Women Healing From Psychiatric Treatment Center In South Austin

In the modern digital age we’ve seen an epidemic spike in psychiatric disorders–especially amongst young adults, and the COVID pandemic didn’t help. Record rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, personality disorders, substance abuse, overdoses, increased ADHD and overall malaise have sky-rocketed. Since Covid unfortunately, depression rates have tripled, anxiety rates have hit record levels and suicides […]

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