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What To Expect From A Partial Hospitalization Program

What to expect from a partial hospitalization program.

  The conditions of our home, and world for that matter, can get even the best of us no matter what it is we deal with. Over time each of us will develop coping mechanisms that are unique to us, which can include healthy and unhealthy forms. From alcohol and/or substance abuse, to gambling or […]

How Opioid Use Turns Into An Addiction

How Opioid Use Turns Into An Addiction

Amazingly enough, 8000 year-old hardened Sumerian clay-tablets are the earliest prescriptions of opium. Ancient Greeks, Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, Romans, Arabs, to people in middle ages and Europeans from renaissance to now- all used opioids. And it is because they knew opium as an ever-approved next-door medicine-a panacea for all maladies. Today, for anyone just coming […]

Austin’s Premier Anxiety Inpatient Treatment Center

Austin's Premier Anxiety Inpatient Treatment Center

No matter if you or a loved one are battling mental illness such as anxiety, there is help out there. Mental health is the most important factor in a person’s life. How we see ourselves and the world around us can play a huge role in our daily lives. Finding Austin’s premier anxiety Inpatient Treatment […]

Screen Addiction Disorder Affects More People Than You May Think

Screen Addiction Disorder affects more people than you may think

“Unfortunately, it seems that we, as a society, have entered into a Faustian deal. Yes, we have these amazing handheld marvels of the digital age, tablets and smartphones, miraculous glowing devices that connect people throughout the globe and can literally access the sum of all human knowledge in the palm of our hand. But what […]

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