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We Need To Talk About Phone Addiction

phone addiction patient in need of help

Those of us born before 1983 remember a time when there were no phones except for our house phone and payphones that were near almost every gas station. That being said, the world of phones we live with today are quite a different reality. What started as a device that connects us to family and […]

Substance Abuse Program in Austin Texas That Actually Works

There is a risk of abuse and addiction whenever someone uses drugs or alcohol, no matter their genetics or background. And everyone is at risk of developing a substance abuse disorder, regardless of how much they use. Hence the importance of recognizing unhealthy habits that lead to dangerous behaviors, no matter for yourself or a […]

How a Netflix Addiction Can be Harmful to Your Health

It’s easy to get absorbed in a good TV show on Netflix. But what happens when your “binge-watching” starts to negatively impact your health? Here’s a look at how a Netflix addiction can be harmful to your health and how Omega Recovery can help. The Harmful Effects of Netflix Addiction on Your Health Netflix has […]

Why You Should Consider An Inpatient Behavioral Health Center

An Inpatient Behavioral Health Center is for anyone needing rehabilitation from and has medical needs that require round-the-clock nursing care and/or support. Though some inpatient health centers are part of a hospital system, there are also free-standing and independent facilities available as well. An Inpatient Behavioral Health Centers cost can vary depending on the services […]

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