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The Dark Side of Technology: Understanding Digital Addiction

digital addiction

Whether we all want to believe it or not, there is a deep and often dark world that lurks night and day online. The tricky thing about technology is that it never sleeps, and it will always be there to captivate your attention. When learning about the dark side of technology: understanding digital addiction, it’s […]

The Emerging Threat of Tech Addiction

Technological Addiction: How to Diagnose it, and are there any Treatment? Technology keeps on evolving, and it makes our lives easier. In the 21st century, different technological advancements are experienced by people around the world. The rise of the internet and the proliferation of smart devices is a testament that people will always keep on […]

The WHO Rules Gaming Disorder a Mental Health Classification

The World Health Organization’s announcement to include gaming disorder a medical diagnosis. Through the years, video games have gotten a bad rap. They are seen as a major distraction, with tech addiction affecting people of all ages and all genders. They have remained controversial through the years with their graphic topics covering violence and sexuality. […]

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