Why organizations partner with Omega Recovery


At Omega Recovery, patient security and well-being are paramount, so we use evidence based methods, and holistic approaches where possible. Our team is composed of experienced and informed professionals who have committed themselves to giving thorough yet tender treatment plans based on each individual’s specific needs.


Our board-certified doctors have comprehensive critical care and addiction knowledge, a unique proficiency in pharmacokinetics (how drugs move within the body), as well as expert skills managing co-occurring issues and physical diseases. Knowing that no two patients are alike, our plans of action are tailored to each individual’s needs while being founded on evidence-based methods.

How to Refer to Omega Recovery

At our center in Austin Texas, we collaborate with providers across the United States to provide quality care. Everyone from therapists, hospitals and medical practitioners to insurers, employers or interventionists can refer their patients to us for specialist support on a path of long-term recovery. We take pride in ensuring that safety and comfort always come first so that our clients’ journeys towards sobriety are successful!

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