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“It’s unlike any other program that I’ve been to,

and I’ve been to many,

I never want to leave Omega!” ~ EJ


Ashby Naylor
Ashby Naylor
12:48 13 Jul 18
Omega Recovery was truly amazing, it saved my life. The Staff was welcoming and very nice, they made me feel right at home. I really enjoyed the group sessions and therapy. My room was comfortable and the food was good. Omega Recovery has made a huge difference in my life and has kept me sober. I am thankful for the team and all that you do.
Karen McCain
Karen McCain
18:17 12 Jul 18
If you are looking for an innovative approach to Recovery, then Omega is the route to take! Omega has an amazing team of professionals that will treat you will the respect, dignity, and compassion that we all deserve! Recovery is not often a singular issue. Omega takes each person in and equips them with a program that is tailor-made in setting the tone for someone to succeed! Omega is an amazing avenue for anyone that is looking to live a new way of life.
Brooke Lange
Brooke Lange
04:18 13 Jul 18
Incredible staff lead from the top of the organization. Omega truly cares about the community and each patient. I have known the owner for years and can say without question that he is one of the best in the industry. He has also built a strong staff around him that carries the message every single day. Mark
Robin Reed
Robin Reed
16:03 12 Jul 18
The choice to enter recovery is one of the scariest decisions anyone could ever make. Often the bravery found to get help is held in the gentle hands of those that provide these crucial services. The good people at Omega KNOW the pain of living with regret, fear, compulsions and addictions and professionally guide others into their own light so they can live with peace and freedom. I highly recommend the work of Omega and it's amazing staff.
Zac Cox
Zac Cox
21:17 12 Jul 18
The program provided at Omega is so much different than any other center out there. There is a difference between Sobriety and Recovery. Lots of times sobriety from drugs and alcohol is just not enough. In order to recover from the hopeless state of mind and body that is produced by the disease of alcoholism, we must not only abstain from the substance and work the 12 steps but we must dig deeper and deal with the trauma and underlying issues that for some of us keep us going back out. That make the quality of life the we truly desire unattainable. Omega recovery hits every part of the spectrum when looking to find a solution to the problem. I'm so grateful to be able to call this home thank you to all the wonderful doctors, therapists, and staff that make this place so amazing.
Shaun Mian
Shaun Mian
15:24 13 Jul 18
Omega has the workings and staff to be a leading force in this field. 12 step immersion is what saved my life but since then I have been able to integrate new things to help me stay sober. Those things include what Omega provides to clients right from the start thus giving their clients an extra edge and form of resources to attain long term sobriety.
Valerie Chism
Valerie Chism
15:49 12 Jul 18
Beautiful facility with amazing caring staff. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming and understanding. I appreciate their approach on solving addiction issues and emotional trauma. I feel this is winning combination for long term sobriety.
Justin arpasi
Justin arpasi
16:22 12 Jul 18
Amazing facility and staff, first class all the way! David and his team are very exceptional people that really do care about you and your well being and getting you back to living life with a whole new and very positive perspective! Highly recommended to anyone seeking treatment!!
Joseph Ficerai
Joseph Ficerai
01:58 17 Jul 18
This is a top notch program. If you or a loved one needs extended care or iop this is the right choice. Rogers Doyle was incredibly insightful, patient, and knowledgeable when I had questions about their programs and I only wish I could check in there myself.
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