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What is Technology Addiction?The modern world is always online. While many have adapted to this quite well, there are others who have been deeply damaged by having too much access to technology. Technology addiction is a type of addiction that has only been recently recognized, but it has certainly reached epidemic proportions among some groups. 

What is Technology Abuse?

On a basic level, one can define technology abuse as a two-part issue. The first, and most important, part is that it requires the obsessive over-use of technology by a user. This type of screen addiction is not uncommon among individuals of any age group. The second part of screen addiction is that obsessive technology usage continues despite the negative impact that it has on the user’s life. In this way, one can draw a clear division between mere technology overuse and the actual issue of being addicted to the use of those same technologies. 

What are the Symptoms?

Like many other addicts, those who are addicted to technology show a rather wide range of behaviors and symptoms. Addicts are typically prone to mood swings and hyperfocus on their object of desire. Be it social media, videogames, or simply surfing the web, those who are addicted to technology tend to center their lives around the use of their device of choice. It’s important to remember that technology overuse here is generally not done out of necessity but rather out of obsession. Those who are addicted to technology have poor digital health, needing increasing levels of access to continue to feel happy. On a psychological level, individuals deal with the same kind of addictive impulses and behaviors that define more traditional addicts. 

What is the Danger?

It can be difficult to understand the danger of poor digital health because all of the related actions seem so normal in society. In a world in which everyone is plugged in, it takes a good deal of effort to understand that some individuals may take things too far.Technology addicts tend to overuse their media to the detriment of other areas of their lives. It’s not unusual for individuals to lose relationships over social media use or to fail out of school because of addictions to video games. These addictions are also incredibly financially draining, with some individuals spending tens of thousands of dollars on transactions in mobile games. This type of addiction can also be detrimental to one’s health. Sitting in front of a screen all day can lead to poor overall health, as individuals who are always online don’t have time to exercise, maintain their hygiene, or eat well. It’s entirely possible for those with pre-existing medical conditions to exacerbate them through this type of addiction. Technology addiction is real and should be taken seriously. It is an addiction that can be treated, but it often requires outside help. If you or a loved one have symptoms of this addiction and you realize that your lives are being negatively impacted, it’s important to seek out support. 

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