Know Someone Who Suffers from Prescription Drug Abuse Texas?

When it comes to treating prescription drug abuse in Texas, one name has earned the right to be called leaders in addiction treatment. OMEGA RECOVERY is meeting the needs of the community with short and long-term programs that are custom designed for each patient’s needs and goals. If you’re dealing with an addiction to prescription or illicit drugs, call us now.

Many specialists consider that prescription drugs pose more danger than the illicit ones. Teenagers generally acquire them easier, and many people become addicted as a consequence of prolonged use in case of need. At Omega Recovery Center, we treat all types of drug addiction, no matter the severity or the type of drug involved in the process.

We treat prescription drug abuse in Texas with extreme care, seeing how dangerous it will become in the long-term. If you’ve fallen victim to prescription opioids, or any other type of prescription drugs, you need to contact us as soon as possible. You don’t have many reliable options at your disposal.

Many of our patients have resorted to self-treatments before contacting us, which has ended up causing them even more problems. We don’t recommend self-treating drug addiction because it will get you into more trouble, including one where you will develop even more addictions.

Our rehabilitation system provides the perfect answer to your problems: fast, reliable, and long-lasting results. In case you have never participated in a rehabilitation process, here is how it functions:

Step one – Investigation and diagnosis

We can’t start the treatment without knowing exactly what your problems are. Finding out what to treat will tell us how to do it. Our experts will walk you through a set of questions, each aiming at clarifying vital aspects like:

  • What drugs you use and how often
  • For how long you’ve been using them
  • Clarifications regarding your medical history
  • General details about your social life, etc.

Not all rehab institutions offer the same process, to the same details that we do. And it is this aspect what boosted the popularity of our programs of prescription drug abuse in Texas.

Step two – Detox

The detoxification process is not a must in all cases. Depending on what the diagnosis will reveal, we may or may not use drugs to alleviate or correct your symptoms. Approximately one out of three patients require this type of treatment. The purpose is to eliminate the symptoms associated with withdrawal, correct your chemical balance in the brain, and restore your mental functionality.

It’s imperative to have specialists doing it, otherwise, you will find yourself in serious trouble. We also use medication to address the co-occurring disorders that may undermine your chances at a steady and long-lasting recovery.

Step three – Emotional healing and relapse prevention

Since we’ll have to let you go at some point, we need to make sure you can take care of yourself in the society. Our experts will teach you how to become responsible, positive, independent and mentally and emotionally healthy.

We have built our program of prescription drug abuse in Texas with the purpose of both healing people, and restore their lives back to normal. It’s not something you can achieve on your own. You need our support, our knowledge, and our expertise.

Come to Omega Recovery Center, and let’s find the best solution for your problems! Don’t give up hope – let’s work together for a better future! Give us a call (512) 601-5407 or send us an email at

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