Insurance Based Rehab Centers in Austin Texas

We receive a lot of calls at Omega Recovery asking us whether there are any recommended ‘rehab centers “near me” in Austin, Texas’.

In 2016, the CDC reported that opioids were involved in 42,249 deaths. Our rehab center in Austin, Texas aims to prevent these deaths.

Do you have a loved one battling an addiction? Are you coaching a person struggling to overcome opioid dependence? Or do you need to refer someone whose addicted and pregnant?

Then Omega Recovery is the place for you where we provide the best treatment in a setting that produces lasting change.

Of the many rehab centers in Austin Texas, OMEGA RECOVERY has become the number one choice for referrals by nurses, doctors and life coaches where we have programs for young adults (18-35) and adults over 35.

We have many programs to cater to the different needs of those on their road to recovery. This could include an intervention, detoxification, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, sobriety or even successful living after you’ve finished treatment.

Our recovery advisers can talk to you or a family member to find the right program for you. We also provide life coaching and guidance so that you can achieve success far beyond your treatment goals.

What makes OMEGA RECOVERY the best rehab center in Austin Texas is our understanding that no two individuals are alike. We can tailor our program to suit each client’s individual needs.

There is a severe gap between treatment and recovery among opioid users. We aim to fill that gap.

Psychological + Pharmacological Support

It has been proved that individuals who only receive mental support following detoxification tend to resume drugs compared to those who received psychological and pharmacological support.

Our staff works continuously with doctors through the life coaching program to make sure that individuals are prepared for life after completion of their program.

Intensive Inpatient Treatment

Research has shown that retention in drug treatment centers and rehab centers like OMEGA RECOVERY are a protective factor against overdose deaths.

Many opioid users don’t have access to rehab centers which is why we make addiction treatment far more accessible than painkillers and heroin where our recovery advisers are available 24/7.

Substitution Therapy

There is mounting evidence that opioid substitution therapy via Medical Detox including Suboxone® and Subutex® can help prevent deaths from overdose. We provide this through our detoxification program as many opiate users will need some form of detoxification before complete withdrawal.


After recovery, you’ll find that with our leadership and coaching program you can regain some stability in your life and get your life back.

There is mounting evidence that deaths from drug overdoses are preventable. Specific, timely interventions can prevent and reduce their occurrence. At OMEGA RECOVERY rehab centers in Austin, Texas we aim to identify those individuals at risk for overdose and use innovative approaches to prevent long-term relapses among them.

Our goal at Omega Recovery is to make sure every individual, gets the treatment he or she deserves by keeping costs low and providing individuals with the right treatment. Call our recovery adviser today at (512) 601-5407 or send us an email

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