Choosing an Alcohol Recovery Center in Austin

If you’re currently seeking an alcohol recovery center in Austin that offers more than the typical treatment programs you’ll find in most other rehabs, consider recovery at Omega Recovery Center. We have build life success within the scope of our treatment programs, offering life coaching and guidance, sobriety integration, career and education development, and more.

Addictions are among the most difficult diseases to treat. That’s because they typically involve not just a physical addiction but also a psychological one as well. When you are struggling with alcoholism you know just how hard it is to stop on your own. You need help from a professional alcohol recovery center in Austin. This type of facility offers the kind of high quality, compassionate treatment that you need as you try to overcome your addiction.  

Intеnѕіvе Outpatient Alcohol Recovery in Austin

It is important to choose an alcohol recovery center in Austin that provides comprehensive care for your addiction. There are two main kinds of treatments available including inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient treatment is most often recommended because it offers you the most complete care possible. With inpatient treatment you will be able to fully immerse yourself in recovery with no interference from the outside world.

Outpatient treatment provides services only during specific hours so you are able to continue to work or attend school. You will continue to live at home while you undergo outpatient treatment. In order for outpatient treatment to be successful you need to have a strong family and friend support system in place to help you through the difficult process.

Choose an alcohol recovery center in Austin that offers a holistic approach to alcohol addiction treatment. A holistic approach provides you with support in all areas of your life and may include nutritional and exercise guidance as well as counseling and support.

What to Expect During Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Your stay at an alcohol recovery center should be as productive as possible. The length of your stay will depend on many factors and will be determined after an admission interview. You may need to go through detoxification to rid your body of alcohol dependence. This process could take several days or more. After your body goes through withdrawal it no longer has a dependency on alcohol.

A counselor or intake specialist will evaluate your case and help determine the best treatment plan. An alcohol recovery plan often incorporates the 12-step program but it may be modified to fit your actual needs. The plan will also include group or individual counseling or both. You will be able to spend time working on identifying how and why the addiction occurred so that you can keep it from happening again in the past. You will learn new habits that will allow you to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle that is free from alcohol abuse.

Together with caring professionals you will be able to address your issues and work through them in productive and useful ways. As you move through your treatment you will be able to transform your life and turn it around so that you can start anew once you leave the treatment facility. In some instances you may go directly home or you might spend some time in a halfway house as you prepare for reentry into the community. Visit us online to learn more about our highly successful treatment options.

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