Reclaim Yourself – 90 Day Drug Rehab Programs in Austin

Did you know that 90 day drug rehab programs are more effective than 30 day treatment? If you need extended treatment for drug or alcohol addiction recovery, Omega Recovery Center is committed to your long-term success. See a complete list of our residential and aftercare programs on our website. Long term 90 day drug rehab programs in Austin are among the best solutions for major addictions and those between the ages of 18 and 35. Recovery is never an option with devastating physical and mental impacts. Omega Recovery Center strives to help our patients obtain the healthy lifestyles they deserve.

What are the benefits of long-term addiction recovery programs?

Long term care reinforces what is learned during group and individual sessions over a long period of time. Lasting addictions create habits that are difficult to break. Completely changing your lifestyle and breaking from the networks that promote poor or bad habits seems nearly impossible.

Long term programs offer carefully tailored help over a period of months. A supportive network and knowledge professionals create an environment that encourages healthy living. We remove our patients from the environments that create a significant risk or relapse and allow for productive habits to naturally form for ultimate success.

This is crucially important for young adults between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five. This age group is less likely to understand the full impact of addiction with a lower likelihood of having been arrested, losing a job, or experiencing the financial burden of satisfying their cravings.

For those over the age of thirty-five, long-term residential care completely removes you from the environment supporting hour habits. Family and good friends may offer advice but only experts and reflection can produce a lasting effect.

Impact of Addiction

Long term care may not be cheap, but the effects of addiction are much worse. Physical and mental health are severely impacted by abuse.

Degeneration over time leads to brain damage, irreversible health problems, and numerous social issues. It is not enough to just think about what we are doing to ourselves when using drugs. Loved ones and close friends also suffer as we progress, especially if abuse leads to death.

Health bills, prison time, drugs and custody battles are expensive themselves. Health insurance covers much of the cost of recovery. Detox, therapy, and medications fall within plans from Tricare, the Indian Health Service, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The cost of addiction far outweighs the cost of recovery. The benefits of living a sober and productive life are countless.

90 day drug rehab programs in Austin

With over thirty-million Americans suffering from addiction, there is no shortage of programs offering to help. You need a facility that provides the respect and care you deserve.

We are certified by The Joint Commission on National Quality Approval and Fair Care Promise. Our experts understand how to help during both long-term care and after you leave. We offer around the clock support and outpatient therapy to help clients get around bad influences and deploy what they learned in the harsh realities of the real world.

Finding help is not an option when it comes to the devastating impact of addiction. We are ready to help get you back to a healthy and productive life. Get in touch today to find out more.

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