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Don’t waste time calling around to addiction treatment centers in Austin when Omega Recovery has everything you need to recover from addiction. Our treatment facility leads the way in providing programs for teens, young adults, and adults ages 35 and up. Learn more about our programs online or call an addiction consultant now to get connected.

A lot of individuals take illicit drugs and alcohol due to the satisfaction or euphoric high they derive. Eventually, they become addicted. While the euphoric high may be temporary, these drugs pose long-term dangers to your immune system and mental health. If you are having addiction issues, the right thing to do is to seek treatment from one of the most reliable addiction treatment centers in Austin. Omega recovery is the ideal rehab facility to turn to.

We are a reputable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center serving communities across Texas. We aim to help patients achieve sobriety and live an addiction-free life. We offer full scope addiction treatment ranging from Intervention & Family Guidance to Residential/Inpatient Drug Rehab, Outpatient Treatment, Life & Recovery Coaching, and lots more.

Our addition treatment procedures are very effective, transparent, and well-detailed. We treat both young and adults suffering from addiction and mental health issues at our addiction treatment centers in Austin. We are always ready to dedicate every resource at our disposal to help you overcome your addiction challenges.

Specialized Rehab Program for Young and Older Adults

At Omega Recovery, we provide specialized rehab program for both young and older adults. We have designed a personalized addiction program for young adults between ages 18 and 35. The program concentrates on helping you build your life, career, and family. We also provide you with coping skills and healthy-living skills. With this, you can live an addiction-free life after your recovery program.

For older adults above 35 years, we offer specialty addiction and mental health treatment procedures. This will focus on your needs as an adult and how to live an addiction-free life, worthy of emulation. All our rehab programs are personalized for each while making your convenience a top priority.

Whether you are a young or older adult, our addiction treatment centers in Austin is just the right place for you to achieve sobriety. No matter the severity of your condition, we are always ready to help you get through.

Conducive and Serene Environment

At Omega Recovery, your comfort and convenience are essential to us. Our addiction treatment centers in Austin feature a calm and serene environment coupled with a soothing atmosphere. We have put everything in place to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during your recovery period. This will also help reduce the effects of the withdrawal symptoms.

Our friendly, kind, and compassionate therapist and mental health specialists will be with you to encourage and support you. We also offer patients private counseling on how to stay away from alcohol and drugs after your recovery program. We encourage our patients to participate in group counseling to meet and discuss with other individuals that have become sober.

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For more information about our intervention and recovery program, contact us today at Omega Recovery. Our addiction treatment centers in Austin are well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and ultramodern amenities that will help you achieve sobriety with minimal withdrawal symptoms. A fantastic experience awaits you. Give us a call at (512) 601-5407 or you can send us an e-mail at

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