What’s the Best Insurance for Drug Rehab?

The best insurance for drug rehab is a plan accepted by your preferred recovery center. At Omega Recovery, we consider all insurance plans to be important, which is why we accept all PPO policies. We’ll be happy to verify your benefits when you reach out to us by phone or contact us through our website.

Drug rehabilitation has long passed the stage where it was considered redundant for the healthcare system. The moment we realized addiction is a mental disorder was the moment we began saving people’s lives by giving them access to better care, to personalized health insurance plans and so on. At the Omega Recovery, we know how having an insurance can prove to be defining for successfully beating addiction.

But what is the best insurance for drug rehab? Fortunately, the healthcare system doesn’t make differences between different types of addiction. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been addicted, to what substance or how mild or severe the symptoms are, there is insurance coverage for every case. And when looking to settle for a specific insurance plan, there are three main options available:

1. Public insurance – Although not the most flexible option available, it does come with obvious financial benefits. In case your regular health insurance doesn’t cover the costs associated with drug rehabilitation, this is the cheapest, most affordable solution. It includes both the inpatient and the outpatient programs, as well as the detox process and other services along the line. There are two minor inconveniences (or significant, depending on your standards): not all drug rehab facilities are subsidized by the government, and they don’t always accept full coverage insurances, but mostly partial. Other than that, it’s a good option if you’re in desperate need of assistance and lack the means for something better.

2. Private insurance – This is probably the best insurance for drug rehab for several reasons:

  • You are not bound to specific institutions, like in the case of public insurance
  • The service coverage is a lot greater, sometimes to the full
  • The residential rehab program is available, providing luxurious rehab conditions and services, including private rooms, personal instructors, internet access and so on
  • It comes with holistic treatments included, like meditation, yoga, acupuncture, pet therapy and others
  • Higher levels of privacy

Because there are more options available, this healthcare plan can also be more expensive, but more effective in the long run as well.

3. Group insurance – It is defined as the insurance plant that covers groups of people, generally, employees working within the same corporation. It is almost as inclusive as the private plan, and the best part is that it is cheaper too. The employer will trade a larger headcount for reduced rates with insurance companies, significantly cutting the costs for each individual in the company.

In the end, whatever option you would prefer, it is the overall picture that matters. Addiction cannot be treated outside an institutionalized environment, with active programs and specialized personnel to provide care and clinical and psychological support. Using health insurance to cover most or all of the costs is one of the best ways of securing your future in the face of the unpredictable.

Look for the best insurance for drug rehab, according to your needs and always consider an institution like the Omega Recovery Center, which can deliver the services that you need. Addiction is hard to combat; make sure you have a powerful ally holding your back, Call us today (512) 601-5407 or visit our contact page!

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