Finding Mental Health Treatment Centers in Austin

Mental health treatment centers are a vital resource for those who need help with mental health and addiction. They can provide many different treatment options, including therapy and adventure therapy to help you navigate life in a healthy way. Omega Recovery is one of the most popular mental health treatment centers in Austin, Texas. They offer individual therapy, group therapy and adventure therapy in addition to other services that will help you live your best life possible.

What Services Does Omega Recovery Offer?

Omega Recovery is a mental health treatment center that offers a variety of services for those suffering from addiction and mental health issues, including individual therapy, group therapy, adventure therapy and more. Its goal is to help those who are struggling with their own demons or those that have been diagnosed with a mental illness to live a happy productive life.

Individual Therapy:

Individual therapy is important for those that need help staying on track with their mental health. Therapy can be a daunting task for those who don’t know what to expect, but at Omega Recovery this service is offered in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and supported.

Group Therapy:

Group therapy is also offered at Omega Recovery and it’s important because everyone in the group has similar struggles in their life so being open and able to talk about how they are doing can be beneficial. At the same time, listening to other people’s problems is also helpful because it helps you realize that there are others out there that have what you are going through. It offers an environment where people are feeling comfortable opening up about their life and problems to help them through the journey of healing and it also helps people who need help to feel like they can open up.

Adventure Therapy:

Adventure therapy is a unique type of treatment that many mental health treatment centers offer. Adventure Therapy focuses on getting you to engage in activities such as yoga, hiking or paddle boarding among various other things to help you clear your head and work on your mental health. This type of therapy is beneficial because it offers a chance to get out of the facility and really connect with nature. It is also helpful because often times people go through their day-to-day life without taking the time to slow down, disconnect from technology and focus on themselves. Adventure Therapy helps you do that and it also provides a chance for those who are struggling to bond with nature.

Omega Recovery also offers other services such as Psychiatric evaluations, Psycho-pharmacological management, Substance Abuse Treatment and more.

Omega Recovery has helped people from all over the country overcome their struggles with addiction and mental health issues, as well as learn to cope with various parts of life that may be difficult to deal with such as loss, trauma or stress.

What Makes Omega Recovery Special?

Omega Recovery is a Mental Health Facility in Austin, Texas. They are dedicated to helping men, women and children struggling with mental health issues, depression and addiction. Treatment at Omega Recovery includes individual therapy, group therapy and adventure therapy. Additional services include:

Individual Therapy: A therapist works with the client one on one to help them learn how to cope with their mental health problem.

Adventure Therapy: Omega Recovery uses adventure therapy as a way to teach clients how they can live an active lifestyle. They offer zip lines, rock climbing walls, ropes courses and more.

Group Therapy: A group of people suffering with similar problems come together to help each other through difficult times. Through these meetings, clients build a sense of community and find the support they need when going through tough times.

Family Therapy: A family therapy session can help families understand that their loved one’s mental illness is not a choice and it is not a result of poor parenting. Omega Recovery works with each family member in order to help them better understand the mental illness so they can better assist their loved one.

Conjoint Therapy: A conjoint therapy session is when two people with a romantic relationship or marriage come together to work on their bond, communication and other issues within the relationship. This is beneficial for couples who are having problems coping with each others mental health issues.

Dual Diagnosis: Clients struggling with both mental issues and addiction will receive additional services to help them achieve sobriety. The dual diagnosis aspect of Omega Recovery allows patients to feel supported even if they’re struggling with an addiction, such as alcoholism or drug use.

Psychiatric Services: A board certified psychiatrist helps clients diagnosed with a mental illness that can be effectively treated with medication.

Psychiatric Medication: Omega Recovery works with a board certified psychiatrist in order to help select, monitor and adjust medications prescribed for their clients struggling with mental illness. These psychiatric prescriptions are essential in the recovery process to help manage symptoms and live a healthy lifestyle.

How Has Omega Recovery Helped People?

During Omega Recovery’s 20 years of service, they have helped thousands of men, women and children overcome mental health issues and addiction. In 2016 alone, over 700 people were treated for alcoholism or drug use at the facility. Many have shared stories of how Omega Recovery has changed their lives for the better.

“I’ve been to two different drug rehabs. Omega was the only one that helped me turn my life around for good.” – Marcus

“I had tried several rehabs before finding Omega Recovery. It’s the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.” – Jessica

“Omega has given me a second chance at life. I’m so grateful for this place.” – Riley

“Omega Recovery taught me how to live a happy productive life after struggling with addiction and mental illness.” -Alicia

“The people here are absolutely amazing. They’ve become like family to me.” – Katie

Omega Recovery prides itself on the family-like atmosphere they have created at their facility. Clients leave with a stronger sense of self, healthy coping mechanisms and an understanding that they’re not alone in their struggles.

For more information about their various services or how they can work with you on getting your problems under control, visting our contact page and fill out or form. We can also be reached at (512) 601-5407 or send an e-mail to:

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