Best Video Game Addiction Treatment Program

Have you ever made a commitment to yourself or anyone else to restrict your gaming time but failed to follow through? Gaming addiction affects many people but only a small number of players actually seek help. While hundreds of video games addiction treatment programs exist throughout Asia, treatment options in the U.S had been almost non-existent. But now that’s changed. Omega Recovery offers the best, evidence based, immersive and transformative gaming addiction treatment program in the United States.

At Omega, we help you understand the reasons why you started gaming in the first place and give you tools to live a fulfilled life without video games. We know that video game addiction is a real problem affecting millions of people all across the world. Gaming addiction can lead to depression, anxiety, relationship problems, social isolation and job loss. Video game addiction is a form of tech addiction, computer addiction or internet addiction and can often co-occurs with other addictions such as drug or alcohol abuse.

Video Game Addiction Issues and Symptoms

Video game addiction can lead players to neglect important areas of life such as school, work or relationships with others. Video games have been designed in a way to be addictive just like drugs or alcohol are. This makes it extremely difficult for players to stop playing. Video game addiction can lead to depression, social isolation and job loss. Furthermore, people with video game addiction often experience a host of health related problems such as sleep deprivation, weight gain or weight loss and even seizures resulting from lack of sleep and poor diet.

Signs or symptoms of video game addiction:

  • Emotional: Feelings of restlessness when trying to do an “offline” activity.
  • Nutritional: Gaming may reduce appetite or excessive snacking when gaming, leading to poor nutrition and weight gain.
  • Sleep Deprivation: due to late night gaming, which can lead to severe exhaustion as well as other health problems.
  • Social: Strained interpersonal relationships because of other family members feeling neglected for video games’ sake. So much time
  • Physical: Weakness in body or fatigue

Omega Recovery offers one of the best video game addiction treatment programs so clients can heal, do well in school and have a better relationship with their families. We teach our clients how to challenge their perceptions and mental states by using mindfulness, meditation and other therapeutic techniques.

Best Video Game Addiction Treatment Options

Our evidence based treatment program are designed to safely treat gaming disorder through individualized therapy and group sessions. We also use experiential therapies which include art, music and outdoor activities. Our Community Integrated Treatment Model helps our clients to live in the real world again. We make it fun as we help them find their passion! Clients work with their therapist to slowly begin to reintegrate mindful tech usage back into their lives.

We offer many different treatments depending on the individual and the severity of their addictions. Some of our services include:

Individual Therapy: A therapist works with the client one on one to help them learn how to cope with their mental health problem.

Adventure Therapy: Omega Recovery uses adventure therapy as a way to teach clients how they can live an active lifestyle. They offer zip lines, rock climbing walls, ropes courses and more.

Group Therapy: A group of people suffering with similar problems come together to help each other through difficult times. Through these meetings, clients build a sense of community and find the support they need when going through tough times.

Family Therapy: A family therapy session can help families understand that their loved one’s mental illness is not a choice and it is not a result of poor parenting. Omega Recovery works with each family member in order to help them better understand the mental illness so they can better assist their loved one.

Conjoint Therapy: A conjoint therapy session is when two people with a romantic relationship or marriage come together to work on their bond, communication and other issues within the relationship. This is beneficial for couples who are having problems coping with each others mental health issues.

Dual Diagnosis: Clients struggling with both mental issues and addiction will receive additional services to help them achieve sobriety. The dual diagnosis aspect of Omega Recovery allows patients to feel supported even if they’re struggling with an addiction, such as alcoholism or drug use.

Psychiatric Services: A board certified psychiatrist helps clients diagnosed with a mental illness that can be effectively treated with medication.

Psychiatric Medication: Omega Recovery works with a board certified psychiatrist in order to help select, monitor and adjust medications prescribed for their clients struggling with mental illness. These psychiatric prescriptions are essential in the recovery process to help manage symptoms and live a healthy lifestyle.

How to Get Help for Video Game Addiction

Omega Recovery is a residential treatment center that specializes in computer addiction, video game addiction and internet addiction. We are located on the beautiful Austin, Texas where clients can enjoy the thriving music scene and kayak along lake austin while getting therapy at our state of the art facilities. While in treatment, you will learn how to heal from your gaming disorder and have fun. If you or someone you know is struggling with a gaming addiction, please contact us at Omega Recovery today. We will help you break free from your addiction and start living the life of your dreams!

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