An Addiction Treatment Center in Austin, TX That Offers Help

Omega Recovery is one of the few Austin addiction treatment centers to offer treatment for behavioral addictions along with alcohol/drug addiction. With our team of highly skilled staff, fully functioning infrastructure, and effective treatment programs, you are bound to overcome addiction and lead a healthy and sober life. Our Austin addiction treatment center offers you a serene and supportive environment to heal and overcome addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Sober living home arrangement

A sober living home is a living arrangement, offered to recovering addicts recently out of an inpatient rehab program. This is a living arrangement to help recovering addicts transition into the real world after addiction treatment. It acts as a bridge to make the transition more easy and seamless for the patients.

It offers an individual with a stress-free and serene environment to regain control over their life. Individuals are encouraged to find a stable job, build a new social circle, and foster an active and healthy lifestyle during their time in a sober living home. A sober living home is a great place to reinforce the lessons learned in rehab as you try to accustom to the real world.

Common types of addictions and treatment programs

While alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are the top three addictions among Americans, a large number of people also suffer from other kinds of behavioral addictions. Some individuals develop an addiction to gambling, the internet, video games, sex, pornography, etc. At our Austin addiction treatment center, we follow customized treatment approaches to help treat behavioral addictions.

At our rehab, we use psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback therapy, hypnotic therapy, etc. to rewire your brain’s responses and alter its processes to attain desirable outcomes in recovery. We also offer individual counseling sessions, group sessions, and encourage healthy living through activities like yoga, guided meditation, etc. to help you manage triggers.

What questions should I ask before choosing a rehab?

Once you’ve taken the empowering decision to attend rehab, be sure to do your research and get your questions answered before you choose a rehab. Remember to ask the following questions to an admissions officer at a rehab center:

  • Treatment options and programs – Question them on their treatment options, programs offered, duration of programs, and other treatment details.
  • Infrastructure and amenities – Some rehabs offer exceptional amenities to the recovering addicts like a fully equipped gym, a pool, an indoor play area, etc. Enquire about what amenities a rehab center offers and ask for a tour around the rehab facility to get a good look at their infrastructure and lodging arrangements.
  • Prices and Insurance – Enquire about what insurances they accept and the prices they charge for various treatment options (inpatient/outpatient/intensive inpatient program, etc.).

Also, make sure to speak with some of their alumni patients and recovering addicts to know their experiences and recovery journey at the rehab center. Lastly, choose a rehab that has the best clinical team and therapists to assist you in treatment.

The Need for a New Addiction Treatment Model

Anyone who has battled an addiction to drugs and alcohol can tell you that getting sober is easy. The real challenge is staying sober. That’s the dilemma that many addiction treatment centers in Austin have – they’re great for helping people to get sober. Still, once the patient finishes rehab, they typically don’t stay sober for very long. A lot of people don’t make it. The sad reality is that traditional addiction treatment hasn’t worked. We’ve been trying it for more than a century now, and the success rates are dismal!

Omega Recovery’s Treatment Model vs. the Traditional Addiction Treatment Models

Many people have been to rehab after rehab only to experience relapse after relapse. Indeed, many people have been trying to get clean and stay clean for years – even decades! Omega Recovery is proud to offer a unique addiction treatment center in Austin that has worked for so many people! We believe it can work for you too. Omega Recovery is a community-integrated rehab that provides our patients with more structure and accountability.

Traditionally, the best options for addiction treatment were the 12-step program, remote treatment centers that cut off people from their lives and families, or hospitalization. The problem with these traditional treatment methods is that people would get clean and sober while they were admitted into one of these facilities, but then, once they were released on their own, the real world would be there waiting for them. Most people would have no choice but to go back to the same environment that they had just left, and inevitably, relapse would happen, usually sooner than later.

Why We Do Things Differently

Omega Recovery does addiction treatment differently, not merely for the sake of being contrarian, but because, when you look at the dismal failure and relapse rates of drug and alcohol treatment centers in America, something needs to be done differently! At Omega Recovery, our patients live in a supervised sober living home and get 30 hours of clinical treatment each week. Our program is very hands-on and intensive, but it allows people to still have the freedoms that they need to tend to their personal matters, whereas traditional addiction treatment centers in Austin cut you off from your life completely while you are in their care.

If getting quality addiction treatment in a facility that allows you to go outside, do your own grocery shopping, and still have some freedom sounds right for you, then Omega Recovery is where you want to be. Try a different kind of addiction treatment center in Austin. Call the Omega Recovery today to know more about our admissions and enrollment procedure.

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