Top Rated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Texas

Omega Recovery is listed among the top rated dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas. Dual Diagnosis treatment is key in providing an accurate diagnosis to patients and their families, so real treatment can follow that will help eliminate the risk of relapse. Call OMEGA RECOVERY for more information about Dual Diagnosis treatment.

How to Choose Among the Top Rated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Texas:

It can be a difficult process researching rehabs and trying to decide which one is right for treatment. With so many facilities in Texas offering addiction rehab, where do you begin separating the truth from the fiction?

The fact is, not all rehab centers are in the business to help patients recover. It can be eye-opening to realize many treatment centers are only open for one reason- to make money. That’s where Omega Recovery is different. Their staff knows that 30 days of residential treatment is often not enough to get to the heart of a patient’s underlying issues that have resulted in addiction. For this reason, their facility offers highly successful dual diagnosis treatment.

Chronic relapse can be discouraging and can make a patient and their family feel as though treatment is simply a waste of time and money. Omega Recovery is considered one of the top rated dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas for one reason – they provide intensive treatment the leads to recovery, including dual diagnosis treatment. Diagnosing the fundamental condition that exists alongside of the addiction, can lead to long-term recovery for patients who have a history of relapse. Consider extra advantages of Dual Diagnosis treatment at Omega Recovery:

  • Patients who have never received a thorough assessment or proper diagnosis of their underlying condition can find new hope for recovery through dual diagnosis.
  • Dual diagnosis seeks to help patients understand the triggers that may have led to relapse in the past, while teaching new skills to not only recognize these triggers, but to address them.
  • Dual Diagnosis is a holistic treatment, treating the body, psyche and soul. This holistic way of looking at treatment provides the patient with an intrinsic value, whereas many other facilities look at them as only an addict.

If you’re thinking about scheduling an intervention or have questions for a knowledgeable staff member, feel free to call what many consider to be one of the top rated dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas. Dial (512) 601-5407 to verify your insurance plan or discuss treatment options for yourself or someone you love. The caring staff from Omega Recovery is focused on helping you through the underlying phases of getting help- and on all through the total treatment process, every step of the way.

Through research, you’ll find there are a few respectable rehabs in the Texas region.  We feel that OMEGA RECOVERY is a standout among other recovery communities for many reasons. For patients who are going into recovery without the advantage of an insurance program, OMEGA RECOVERY offers the lowest cost private payment option in the state. For patients with a PPO plan, out-of-pocket costs are exceptionally low- sometimes even non-existent.

Call now (512) 601-5407 and speak with someone from admissions who can answer your questions and help you make the most important decision of your life. Omega Recovery can also be reach through email at

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