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As one of the top rated addiction treatment centers in Texas. Omega Recovery is proud to offer a range of treatment programs designed to meet the needs of patients of all ages. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 35, you’ll find the young adult treatment program to be a dynamic part of your recovery.

Services Offered By Top Rated Addiction Treatment Centers In Texas

There are many addiction treatment centers in Texas that offer several core services such as detox, drug counseling, and testing, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, group recovery meeting etc.

The quality of an addiction treatment center is however determined by certain factors such as the accreditation of the facility, licensing of its staff, the success rate of its treatment etc. The cost of a center’s treatment does not necessarily qualify it to be a top-rated center, as there are some low-income community-based centers that offer exceptional services.

Other major determinants of top rated addiction treatment centers in Texas is the level of professionalism and the compassionate care of its staff members, and the range of effective programs that the center offers. The more effective a center’s program is, the greater the likelihood of client’s maintaining drug abstinence after treatment.

Involving family members in the treatment effort is another sign of a center’s quality. Top rated addiction treatment centers in Texas encourage visitation by family members during the treatment period and also provide workshops and educational programs for family members so they can support the patient.

Below are a few other services offered by top-rated addiction centers in Texas:

1) Nutritional support:

These centers are aware of the importance good nutrition plays in the overall recovery process. Firstly, it helps to replenish the nutrients that are lost during drug abuse. A good diet also helps repair organs that may have been damaged during drug abuse. Secondly, a good eating pattern helps to set a precedence for the client that can be followed even after the treatment period.

Also, some research has it that poor eating habit increases the chances of a relapse, therefore a healthy scheduled eating pattern is an effective tool against relapse.

2) Aftercare service:

An effective aftercare service is another quality of top rated addiction treatment centers in Texas. These centers are aware of the high percentage of post-recovery relapse (between 40-60%), therefore they offer quality aftercare services. After the completion of a rehab program, graduates in these centers are usually advised to enroll in an aftercare outpatient program for a minimum of 6 months.

Having regular meetings with a drug counselor is also another aftercare service offered by these centers.

3) Complementary services:

Top rated addiction treatment centers in Texas also offer complementary services, which are also known as integrative services. They are meant to be complementary to the traditional approach of treatment, not intended to replace them. The rationale behind this approach is that while traditional treatment aims at substance abuse, complementary services targets overall wellness of patients. It is believed that a healthy individual will possess a healthy attitude and feeling, and this will, in turn, help recovery.

Some of the complementary services offered by these centers include:

  • Yoga
  • Energy psychology
  • Reiki

Although some experts have argued against the effectiveness of the complementary programs in addiction recovery. It is widely believed in many top centers that these services attract people to the recovery program and helps them to be more receptive to treatment.

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