Shopping/ Spending

Obsession: “I deserve this”

Buying and/or searching for the next deal

Shopping addiction comes in many forms. The average person may say they look at a day of spending as a release from the stresses of life, like enjoying a slice of chocolate cake. They just don’t do it all the time. However, for others, shopping is an addiction. They love the rush they get when they find that next great deal. A bag filled with items spells happiness, even at the expense of family finances. Once the “down” feeling comes following a purchase, the shopper has to go out again.

Though there are plenty who confess they shop to “forget their worries” (if only for a few hours), others say the next spending spree is always on their mind. Sadly, shopping addictions of any kind do more than ruin credit scores – they damage personal lives, too. At Omega Recovery, we make it our goal to confront thrill-seeking behaviors. Our clients – with our assistance – work to get to the bottom of their negative habits. We provide a chance to rebuild and improve.

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