Love / Romance / Relationships

Obsession: Being involved with someone, feeling important and special.The next romantic outing, affair, etc.

At Omega Recovery we understand that an unhealthy compulsion to be in a relationship is very similar to the dynamics of drug addiction. The relationship, like the drug, may oftentimes help a person with poor self-esteem to feel validated, to escape their emotional or psychiatric discomfort, and, like a drug, can also be a euphoric dopamine-activating high.

Our adolescent years play a crucial role in our emotional development. When we have traumatic or painful experiences in these early years, our view of ourselves, how relationships work (and what our roles are within them) can take a misguided turn.

Thankfully, there is hope. By educating clients on how to create strong, healthy relationships with themselves, they can then begin to have healthy relationships with others. Having done so, the client then can set on a path to happiness; they can gain the courage to improve their self-esteem, ask for what they need and want, and plan for a better tomorrow

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