In The Heart Of Texas: A Look At The Best Drug Treatment Programs In Austin

best drug treatment programs in Austin

One of the best things about living in Austin Texas is the abundance of help and support residents have access to for various needs. Drug abuse and addiction is no stranger to anyone, unfortunately. Whether it be yourself, a loved one, a co-worker, a colleague, a neighbor, or even a stranger on the street- drug abuse can be found anywhere. Thankfully there is help available in the heart of Texas: a look at the best drug treatment programs in Austin. While someone in the rare possibility may be able to hide or even function with a drug addiction, they eventually will need the support of a recovery center. Drug abuse and addiction is a slippery slope, one that can leave a person’s life hanging in the balance.

Drug abuse and/or addiction should never be ignored, no matter how uncomfortable or tense the situation. If you find yourself wondering if you have a drug addiction, there are even free quizzes found online that can give insight to which step of intervention needs to be taken. Untreated drug abuse can have devastating outcomes; poor health, poor mental health, loss of job, loss of relationships, and even loss of life. Thankfully, in the heart of Texas there is help for anyone seeking a drastic change in their life. Take a look at the best drug treatment programs in Austin, of course found at Omega Recovery. We will also be covering in this article the causes, treatments, and things to consider as you search for the best drug treatment center in Austin.

Most Common Roots Causes Of Drug Abuse And Addiction

Each one of us is unique, and oftentimes so are the culprits behind drug addiction. However, when taking a look at the best drug treatment programs in Austin you will find that the root cause of self abuse is often trauma related. The three most common forms of trauma found linked to drug addiction are; childhood trauma, physical and emotional abuse, and traumatic loss. Each of these types of trauma are no easy task to overcome alone, but will help and support there is hope of recovery. At Omega Recovery, for example, we understand that there are underlying issues with drug abuse and addiction. We treat our clients as a whole person, not just their disorder. Finding the root cause of a drug addiction can support life-long lasting recovery for anyone that has sought other treatments unsuccessfully before.

Childhood Trauma can be considered anything someone experienced as a young child that has a significant impact on their growth and both or either physical and emotional well being. Childhood traumatic stress occurs when violent or dangerous events overwhelm a child’s or adolescent’s ability to cope. Traumatic events may include: Neglect and psychological, physical, or sexual abuse. Natural disasters, terrorism, and community and school violence. Someone that has experienced childhood trauma may have difficulties trusting, low self-esteem, fears of being judged, constant attempts to please, outbursts of frustration, or social anxiety symptoms that won’t let up.

Both physical and emotional abuse can have a powerful negative effect on a person’s well being, especially if ignored. Physical abuse is usually the most visible, with bruises on the skin, scars, and burn marks easily visible. However, emotional abuse leaves no such visible signs and can go unnoticed for many years, unfortunately. Emotional abusers focus on controlling the victim by any mental means necessary. Emotional abuse targets a person’s feelings, it uses emotions to manipulate, punish, and achieve control. Rather than personal sentiments, mental abuse focuses on questioning and influencing a person’s way of thinking and views on reality. When taking a look at the best drug treatment programs in Austin, you will find they provide real emotional support for unnoticed abuse.

Someone who has experienced a traumatic loss can also end up not being a stranger to drug abuse and addiction. Death that is sudden and unexpected, violent, mutilating, and random can lead to complicated grief reactions. Often the griever has some of the following complications: cognitive dissonance, murderous impulses and anger, guilt and blame, emotional withdrawal, and substance abuse. Drugs trick our brain by causing dopamine to flood the reward pathway, 10 times more than a natural reward. The brain remembers this surge and associates it with the addictive substance. Someone suffering from a traumatic loss can become addicted if the dopamine stimulation becomes more powerful than their grief.

best drug treatment programs in Austin

Therapies The Best Drug Treatment Programs In Austin Use For Recovery

Understanding the root cause of a drug abuse and/or addiction can help facility providers determine which kinds of treatment are best for their patient. It is important to keep in mind then, that not all drug addiction centers will be created equal. In the heart of Texas: a look at the best drug treatment programs in Austin will often show why they are considered the best. Evidence-based treatments are most often used; such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, and Family Therapy. However, the best drug treatment centers will also offer holistic or experimental forms of therapy such as Mediation and Nature Immersion.These types of programs can vary and not all are utilized are every treatment center for drug abuse and addiction. Hence, why it is important to research a potential drug recovery center in Austin before committing. 

Behavior Therapy – Behavioral therapy is an umbrella term for types of therapy that treat mental health disorders. It’s based on the idea that all behaviors are learned and that behaviors can be changed. This form of therapy looks to identify and help change potentially self-destructive or unhealthy behaviors.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of talking therapy. It’s a common treatment for a range of mental health problems. CBT teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems. It focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and actions.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – A structured therapy that encourages the patient to briefly focus on the trauma memory while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation (typically eye movements), which is associated with a reduction in the vividness and emotion associated with the trauma memories.

Family Therapy – A form of talk therapy that focuses on the improvement of relationships among family members. It can also help treat specific mental health or behavioral conditions, such as substance use disorder or oppositional defiant disorder.

Group Interventions – The most common techniques include cognitive-behavioral, psychodrama, process-oriented, and mindfulness-based strategies. Cognitive-behavioral techniques aim to change negative thought patterns and behaviors within the group. This approach is commonly used for groups dealing with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Holistic Treatments – A holistic approach encourages individuals to become more self-aware and to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their emotions, and their behaviors. This self-awareness can help individuals identify and overcome triggers that may lead to substance use. Examples of holistic forms of therapy include: Yoga or Somatic Techniques, Nutrition, Meditation, Equine Therapy, Nature Immersion, and Adventure Therapy. 

In the heart of Texas, a look at the best drug treatment programs in Austin will lead you to Omega Recovery. At Omega, we offer a range of long-term treatment plans and therapy approaches including holistic forms not commonly offered. We treat drug abuse and addiction, as well as other mental health disorders, at the root cause to help clients find sustainable recovery. Each patient is evaluated for trauma and potential therapies that match. A patient’s trauma history is always treated with great care, targeted therapy, clinical support, and a holistic approach. Dual Diagnosis treatment works to discover and treat the deeper issues that bring individuals to their addictive behavior. That’s why a patient at Omega is not an “addict”; instead, they’re a person suffering from an addiction. At Omega, we provide thorough and methodical treatment to shed old, detrimental habits and develop new, productive ones. We also offer long-term rehab options such as longer-term programs from 60 days up to one year. 

In The Heart Of Texas: A Look At The Best Drug Treatment Programs In Austin

Omega Recovery is a licensed Technology Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Center in Austin, TX. We provide PHP and IOP services for adults suffering from mental health disorders or technology addictions. Created in Austin in 2018 in order to address the explosive epidemic of addictive and mental health disorders that are occurring in record numbers among young people in America today. Building on the pioneering work of Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Omega created cutting edge protocols combined with the best evidence-based modalities to meaningfully and effectively treat young people struggling with substance addiction, mental health and/or tech addiction issues. The Omega Recovery team believes in the capacity of people to change and transition into living more purpose and joy filled lives. We provide additional holistic services and resources that other inpatient rehab Austin facilities do not. Whether our residents are continuing the work they’ve already done or are just beginning their spiritual journeys, we provide the support that this process requires. 

When taking a look at the best drug treatment programs in Austin, you will find Omega Recovery stands out from the rest. Omega clients engage in both trauma-informed therapies, traditional psychodynamic therapies, and holistic therapies. Experiential Nature Immersion and Adventure Therapy are especially unique to Omega Recovery as not all drug treatment centers will offer them being their holistic nature. All forms of therapies offered help shift young people into healthier habits as they also address the underlying issues that are contributing to their distress. Omega’s clinical model proved extremely effective and garnered significant media attention as clients started getting referred from all over the country. This led to an expansion of services to both residential and Outpatient programs as well as adolescent programs launching in the Fall of 2021. The mission of Omega Recovery today continues to be to provide individuals and families struggling in today’s very challenging world with the best drug treatment programs in Austin. 

Omega Recovery Treats The Whole Person, Not Just The Drug Addiction

At Omega Recovery, we also think that a person’s body, as well as their soul, must be healed. In the heart of Texas, a look at the best drug treatment programs in Austin will lead you to the same conclusion. At Omega we include outdoor activities that promote overall well-being to assist our members release the trauma they have experienced. While also aiming to break through the walls that have been preventing them from moving forward in their rehabilitation. At Omega Recovery, we see drugs and alcohol as branches of an underappreciated tree. Therefore, once we’ve helped the branches heal, we can focus on the true inner work and the tree’s roots, which are what led us to addiction in the first place. We recognize that addiction is a chronic, progressive disease that affects entire families and affects the mind, body, and spirit of people we love. Our knowledgeable staff uses this information to guide our residents and their loved ones through a variety of research-based treatment options, including several holistic therapies.

Omega Recovery offers a secure, caring, and intimate program that helps people confront and repair their drug addiction’s fundamental causes. Our staff and trained counselors at Omega Rehabilitation collaborate to deliver a comprehensive recovery program for everyone who joins our Recovery Community. Our members will be able to undergo counseling and treatment for several hours every day, six days a week. Omega Recovery has been recognized as a trusted partner with a legacy of providing high value, high quality, clinical care for over a decade. As a Platinum provider and Center of Excellence with Optum and honored National Provider Partner with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the bar for quality is high. Our evidence-based programs are delivered across the entire continuum of care to improve and restore quality of life for individuals and their families. Our incredible and experienced Omega staff are here every step of the way, for both clients and their family. Don’t hesitate any longer to reach out to our team at Omega and give us a call at ( ) or visit our website at

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