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In the modern digital age we’ve seen an epidemic spike in psychiatric disorders–especially amongst young adults, and the COVID pandemic didn’t help. Record rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, personality disorders, substance abuse, overdoses, increased ADHD and overall malaise have sky-rocketed. Since Covid unfortunately, depression rates have tripled, anxiety rates have hit record levels and suicides have dramatically increased. According to depression researcher Dr. Steven Ilardi, “Americans are 10 times more likely to have depressive illness than they were 60 years ago…and a recent study found the rate of depression has more than doubled in just the past decade”. With such alarming statistics the call to action has never been more important for our loved ones, community, and generations to come. Thankfully there are many psychiatric treatment centers found throughout the United States today, but not all are created equal as you will find. An exceptional psychiatric treatment center in south Austin, Omega Recovery for example, will provide professional support alongside successful treatment programs found nowhere else combined. Factors such as location, privacy, living quarters, staff support, and length of treatment will vary greatly between facilities. And it will become immediately clear as to why exceptional psychiatric treatment centers stand out from the rest. 

The Most Common Psychiatric Disorders Observed In Individuals Today

There are a variety of support facilities found in Texas, but as far as an exceptional psychiatric treatment center in south Austin- not too many. Though the treatment options and programs will differ between them, all can provide support for the most commonly found disorders we see today amongst individuals. Disorders such as PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality, Bi-polar, and Dual Diagnosis can be treated at a psychiatric treatment center in south Austin. While psychiatric disorders are not limited to just those listed above, the following below are explained more in detail to give an idea of what these disorders can look like. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – The majority of people who experience a traumatic incident will experience shock, indignation, nervousness, anxiety, and even guilt. These are normal reactions, and for the most part, they fade away with time. However, for a person with PTSD, these feelings persist, becoming so intense that they prevent them from going about their lives as they should. When this happens, experienced professionals recommend seeking an exceptional psychiatric treatment center in south Austin for PTSD as soon as possible.

Depression Disorder – Depression is considered to be the most prevalent mental health problem in the nation. With about one in every five Americans suffering a depressive episode at some point in their lives. Even though the disease is common, it can be difficult to recognize whether it is normal or on the verge of severe. A depressed individual can be found in a persistent low mood with feelings of sadness, hopelessness, emptiness, irritability, frustration, anger, excessive guilt, or feelings of worthlessness. Tiredness and a lack of energy can be experienced by someone struggling with serious depression, with decisions seemingly hard to make. When depression becomes too much to handle, many seek professional help with psychiatric treatment centers to assist in the healing process.

Anxiety Disorder – Omega Recovery’s Treatment Center for Anxiety can help prevent or desensitize the exacerbating conditions of your anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a natural body response to stress and can give an individual a feeling of fear for what is about to come. The first day of school, going to a new job, or giving a speech may cause most people to feel anxiety. But if your feelings of anxiety are extreme, last for longer than a few months, and are interfering with your life, you have an anxiety disorder and seek treatment. An exceptional psychiatric treatment center in south Austin can provide the necessary tools to overcome an anxiety disorder that is debilitating.

Borderline Personality Disorder –  Considered a mental illness, BPD develops during adolescence or early adulthood. It’s marked by a pattern of emotional instability, impulsive behavior, distorted self-image, and unstable relationships. If you have BPD, everything feels unstable: your relationships, moods, thinking, behavior—even your identity. Thankfully, treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder is possible, In fact, the long-term prognosis for BPD is better than those for depression and bipolar disorder. 

Bi-Polar Disorder – Bi-Polar Disorder (formerly called manic-depressive illness or manic depression) is a mental disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, concentration, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. A person with bipolar disorder will experience changes in energy, mood, and activity levels that can make day-to-day living difficult. People often seek treatment for Bi-Polar Disorder when their symptoms become too much to handle on their own. Hence the need for a psychiatric treatment center in south Austin as soon as possible or needed. 

Dual Diagnosis & Co-Occurring – Co-occurring, also called Dual Diagnoses Disorder, or comorbidity, means a person has a diagnosis of both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. It may be difficult to diagnose co-occurring conditions. Substance abuse or addiction symptoms can obscure symptoms of mental illness, and mental illness symptoms can be confused with addiction symptoms. People who suffer from mental illnesses may fail to treat their drug abuse because they do not believe it is related to their problems. A psychiatric treatment center is recommended for people who continue to struggle with mental health and co-occurring substance abuse issues.

Whether you or someone you love falls into some of these outlined characteristics of a disorder, the first step is always realization followed by seeking treatment. Finding an exceptional psychiatric treatment center in south Austin is an easy step in the right direction when you look to Omega Recovery. At Omega Recovery, we understand that many of our clients are indeed undergoing an existential crisis of meaning and purpose and turning to toxic habits and behaviors to fill the emptiness. In these cases, existential exploration and finding a sense of life purpose is critical in the healing process. Unplugging from electronic devices, developing a sense of healing community, physical exercise within a group/community setting, immersing oneself in nature–all combined with existential exploration and traditional psychotherapy and evidence based modalities like CBT and DBT can literally be life-saving. When all of the above mentioned elements are combined together in treatment, the results are often nothing less than human alchemy– a complete psychic transformation.

The Possibility Of Needed Psychiatric Hospitalization Treatment

In finding a psychiatric treatment center in south Austin for you or a loved one, also consider if immediate support or hospitalization is needed. While exceptional support can be found at treatment facilities, some patients may need more immediate and intensive care. In this case an individual may be voluntarily or involuntarily hospitalized to keep them safe from a worsening mental state or outcome. For example, a person may be involuntarily hospitalized when they either are gravely disabled or are a danger to themselves or others. Psychiatric hospitalization treatment typically consists of stabilization, close monitoring, medication, administration of fluids and nutrition, and other necessary emergency care. Finding an impactful and successful psychiatric treatment center that works includes being aware of the particular care needed by the individual at hand. An individual is a candidate for psychiatric hospitalization when they have:

  • Lost the ability to care for themselves due to mental health symptoms.
  • Substantial lack of sleep.
  • Refusal to eat or lack of appetite for days.
  • Severe mental health symptoms considered dangerous.
  • Hallucinations or delusions.
  • Suicidal or homicidal ideation.

Again, Generally speaking, psychiatric hospitalization works best for people who pose a threat to themselves or others. Suicide threats, drug overdoses, threats of violence to family members, psychosis, and the inability to provide basic care for oneself can all be reasons to have someone hospitalized. Finding a mental health professional to evaluate yourself or a loved one to determine if an immediate threat is present to yourself or others is necessary before agreeing or committing to hospitalization.

Omega Recovery Is The Exceptional Psychiatric Treatment Center In South Austin

Founded by passionate professionals fueled by their own experiences, Omega Recovery is the exceptional psychiatric treatment center in south Austin. Our holistic, nationally-recognized, and accredited program is here to provide clients with the best evidence-based care, regardless of which stage of recovery. Dr. Kardaras and our clinical team have created a new, better, more effective way for people to not only recover, but to stay recovered. Traditional treatment programs put the struggling individual in an artificial treatment bubble where it’s relatively easy to feel good, but inevitably when that client leaves treatment, they are unprepared to deal with the stress of everyday life. At Omega Recovery’s treatment program, our clients receive 30 hrs of clinical treatment while living in a large, beautiful, secure home right in the community! Omega Recovery works with clients to help them manage their mental health symptoms by providing group and individual therapy, psychiatric consultation and evaluation, community support, and information on how to better manage their illness. They spend 5 days a week working with some of the best therapists in south Austin, attend life skills groups, receive peer recovery coaching, and personal fitness training all in a secure setting.

Utilizing An Idyllic Environment And Housing For Healing

Omega Recovery also utilizes the beautiful landscapes and parks of Austin, Texas for Nature Immersion and Adventure Therapy. These types of treatments are therapeutic excursions that include rock climbing, ropes courses, kayaking, and hiking. With afternoons spent participating in Active Behavioral Coaching, Omega Recovery combines optimal forms of treatment for whole self healing. Additionally, all treatment program clients will be able to receive psychiatric support from Omega’s medical director, Dr. Loving, and his team. Omega Recovery’s Psychiatric treatment center in south Austin has two key components: complete clinical programming and supervised housing support. Clients are transported to clinical programming every weekday to participate in a vast array of treatment modalities that have been proven to be effective in treating substance abuse and mental health issues. During a typical week in programming, clients will participate in motivational interviewing(MI), dialectical behavioral therapy(DBT), mindfulness meditation, and relapse prevention. They will also have opportunities to participate in body movement therapies such as yoga and Qi Gong.

The housing component of Omega Recovery’s exceptional psychiatric treatment center in south Austin is supported by a 24/7 staffed living environment. The living environments are gender specific, meaning men and women are housed separately. Clients will have the opportunity to learn or relearn how to perform everyday tasks such as making dinner, doing chores, financial planning, and preparing for job interviews. They will be a part of a tight knit community and will be encouraged to offer support to their housemates along their journey. They will have an opportunity to attend peer-based recovery meetings in the community such as 12 step meetings, SMART recovery, or refuge recovery. Any client struggling with mental health issues will have the opportunity to participate in some alternative recovery programs and will not be required to identify as their disorder. There are many pathways to recovery and every individual is unique. We believe that learning active and healthy routines can be the cornerstone to long lasting recovery. 

Whether For Yourself Or A Loved One- Omega Recovery Is Here

There is no better time than NOW to help yourself or a loved one in the right direction toward the psychiatric treatment they need to regain their best life. Omega Recovery has been recognized as a trusted partner with a legacy of providing high-value, high quality, clinical care for over a decade. As a Platinum provider and Center of Excellence with Optum and honored National Provider Partner with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the bar for quality is high. Our evidence-based programs are delivered across the entire continuum of care to improve and restore quality of life for individuals and their families. Our compassion for the individuals we serve is what has driven us to be leaders in the recovery industry and psychiatric treatment. Omega is more than just rehab- we are Real. Life. Treatment. as the exceptional psychiatric treatment center in South Austin. 

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