What Substance Abuse Treatment in Austin Can Do For You

substance abuse treatment in Austin

There is always a risk of abuse and addiction whenever someone uses drugs or alcohol, these substances are addictive in their nature. They bring feelings of ease, relaxation or on the contrary intense energy, euphoric effects that can help bandaid stress. And it is important to understand that everyone is at risk of developing a substance abuse disorder, regardless of how much they use. However, for some of us the effects from consumed substances can be addictive to the point of crippling. What substance abuse treatment in Austin can do for you depends on what you want to receive and open your mind to. Mental health is always at the root of addictions and disorders, and recovery centers aim to focus on the healing aspect of it.

The Most Common Substance Abuse And Addictions Treated Today 

Alcohol has been the most commonly abused addiction since its existence undoubtedly, but the kinds of substances abused today are now more diverse. Whether you abuse a substance, are addicted, or care about someone struggling with addiction- help and support is available almost everywhere. For those living in Texas, what substance abuse treatment in Austin can do for you is change your life. Keep in mind that recovery is not for the faint hearted or easy to give-up, however, with the right support completely obtainable. While each abuse treatment center may differ, the most commonly treated types of substance addictions are:

Alcohol Addiction – Did you know that alcohol-related causes are the third greatest preventable cause of mortality in the United States? Alcohol consumption is touted as cool, relaxing, and easily found in almost every state. Some people are able to control their alcohol consumption and for others can be extremely challenging. Being a socially accepted pastime doesn’t help an already concerning situation. One of the most dangerous aspects of alcohol addiction is that it doesn’t discriminate against what it causes havoc too. Alcohol addiction will intertwine itself into the person’s home, school, work, and all relationships. Left untreated, alcohol can cause severe health and mental problems, including death. 

Marijuana Addiction – While marijuana is considered a miracle gift from mother earth for those suffering from chronic pain and debilitating diseases such as crohns and cancer,  it is often abused.The unfortunate truth is that the lack of serious, early consequences to marijuana addiction allows for a long and slow decline in health. Often without recognition, resulting in later-­stage addiction before the problem is confronted. Alos, a lack of marijuana abuse treatment early on in younger people tends to lead them down a path to more dangerous substances. Another prime example of what substance abuse treatment in Austin can do for you or someone you care about- lead down a healthier path. 

Opioid Addiction – One of the scariest forms of addiction in need of substance abuse treatment immediately is the use of opioids. These substances also known as; oxycodone (OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), morphine, and methadone give users feelings of euphoria and virtually eliminate pain temporarily. Opioids have a high potential for causing addiction in some people, even when prescribed appropriately and taken as directed. Even when prescribed legally and appropriately, many prescription opioids are misused or diverted to others with an addiction.

Cocaine Addiction – Making its largest impact in the 1980’s, cocaine is a prime candidate for what substance abuse treatment in Austin can do for you. Cocaine is a wreckless drug and often found in higher income households and establishments. Cocaine releases dopamine which causes a sense of pleasure and euphoria in the brain. This constant cycle of “feel good” emotions promotes the individual to use the drug repeatedly as they develop a tolerance for the drug. Thankfully, there are many successful options for this kind of substance abuse treatment.

Amphetamine (Meth) Addiction – Amphetamines, an example being Methamphetamine or Meth) are categorized as stimulants. ​​Amphetamine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant (contracted from alpha-methylphenethylamine) that is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy, and obesity. However, it is one of the most addictive substances found today with the most devastating effects. Methamphetamine abuse is also very dangerous in that it is commonly mixed with other things equally or more harmful. 

Adderall Addiction – On the rise in young adults, especially college students, is the abuse of Adderall, most often a prescribed drug. Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These two central nervous stimulants (what make Adderall) improve focus and reduce impulsivity by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain. Adderall addiction can leave the individual and their families feeling frightened while they are stuck in an endless cycle of binging and crashing.

Club Drugs Addiction – Young adults commonly use club drugs at public venues such as concerts, nightclubs, and bars. However, many people may not realize what drugs are considered a “club drug” because of the ever-changing nicknames. What substance abuse treatment in Austin can do for you depends on what you want to take from it. Club drugs as well as other kinds of substances abused need immediate care and attention. Omeghttps://omegarecovery.org/wp-admin/plugins.phpa Recovery’s extensive diagnostic evaluations are used to determine whether or not addiction recovery should be a necessary treatment plan.

No matter the exact form of substance abuse – addiction is addiction. And substance abuse of any form needs to be treated as a dire matter in need of immediate attention. Unfortunately, the list of substances found today to be addictive is not exclusive to those listed above. Therefore, no matter the abuse and/or addiction it is important to seek help for yourself or someone you care about as quickly as possible. What substance abuse treatment in Austin can do for you is a second chance of a balanced and healthy life. Substance abuse treatment centers are found around the world, each being unique. While some are private, such as Omega Recovery, there are still plenty of options offered through state programs. Don’t let factors such as location and cost deter you or a loved one from seeking help to change thier life. 

What Substance Abuse Treatment in Austin Can Do For You – Programs That Work!

Again, whether for yourself or someone you care about- finding the necessary substance abuse treatment as soon as possible is key to successful recovery. Substance abuse and addiction can ruin a person’s life, including all those a part of it. Thankfully, there are programs and substance abuse treatment centers ready to help those in need of qualified support. Some centers will provide holistic forms of treatment alongside evidence-based forms of treatment, it all depends. Just as each addiction is not the same, so goes for the type of treatments available. Below are options found to treat substance abuse and addiction at Omega Recovery in Austin- treatments proven to work!

Partial Hospitalization Program For Substance Abuse Treatment

Dr. Kardaras and our clinical team have created a new, better, more effective way for people to not only recover, but to stay recovered. Traditional treatment programs put the struggling individual in an artificial treatment bubble where it’s relatively easy to feel good. However, inevitably when that client leaves treatment, they are unprepared to deal with the stress of everyday life. At Omega Recovery’s treatment program, our clients receive 30 hrs of clinical treatment while living in a large, beautiful, secure home right in the community! They spend 5 days a week working with some of the best therapists in Austin, attend life skills groups, receive peer recovery coaching, and personal fitness training all in a secure setting. An amazing example of what substance abuse treatment in Austin can do for you, or someone you care about.

substance abuse treatment in Austin

Intensive Outpatient Programs For Substance Abuse Treatment

An intensive outpatient program for substance abuse treatment allows individuals to receive specialized services without changing or uprooting their current living situation. This is ideal for individuals with families, people that are new to the recovery world, or those who are looking to get back on the right track. Omega Recovery’s intensive outpatient rehab in Austin is the ideal treatment for those who must make a change in their life but don’t have the time to commit to certain programs. Our non-hospital life setting is the perfect place for individuals who need ongoing support as they transition to the next stage in their life. If you or a loved one needs help, our Intensive Outpatient Rehab in Austin may be just the place for you.

Young Adult Intensive Outpatient Programs

Some of us are keenly aware of how devastating the last couple years have been on the mental health of teens, especially if you are a parent, school administrator, social worker or psychologist. Crippling disorders such as anxiety, depression, substance use, self-harm and suicide rates have all skyrocketed in the last few years. As quarantines, remote learning, screen-time, and the fear and uncertainty related to Covid have led to unprecedented levels of rise- so has isolation and substance abuse. Our future needs help, and our team of licensed social workers, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners are available to help anyone in need of substance abuse treatment. We’ve developed a specialized program custom-tailored for the issues facing high school students in today’s world who are struggling. Not only substance abuse and/or addiction but also; anxiety, depression, substance use, self-image, excessive screen-time and behavioral disorders. 

What Austin substance abuse treatment can do for you and your teen is remarkable, and a second chance of a healthy life. Omega Recovery’s young adult IOP is an 8-week program based on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), which includes experiential therapies and incorporates families into the growth of the adolescent. Each week of programming is focused on teaching adolescents emotional regulation, real-time emotional and interpersonal problem solving. While also increasing a teen’s ability to transition through the difficult changes in their adolescent lives. These treatments have been proven to be effective for treating substance abuse and addiction, as well as technology addiction, depression, anxiety, impulsivity, and intense mood swings.

Omega Recovery’s Substance Abuse Treatment Program Is Supportive 24/7

For anyone concerned about around the clock care and support while undergoing substance abuse treatment, consider Omega Recovery in Austin. The housing component of Omega Recovery’s substance abuse treatment program is supported by a 24/7 staffed living environment. The living environments are gender specific, meaning men and women are housed separately. Clients will have the opportunity to learn or relearn how to perform everyday tasks such as making dinner, doing chores, financial planning, and preparing for job interviews. They will be a part of a tight knit community and will be encouraged to offer support to their housemates along their journey. They will also have an opportunity to attend peer-based recovery meetings in the community such as 12 step meetings, SMART recovery, or refuge recovery. Any client struggling with mental health issues will have the opportunity to participate in some alternative recovery programs and will not be required to identify as an addict or alcoholic. 

See What Omega Recovery Can Do For You Or A Loved One 

Substance abuse and addiction are not one size shoe fits all- and neither should the treatment for it be. There are many pathways to substance abuse treatment and recovery and every individual is unique. At Omega Recovery, we believe that learning active and healthy routines can be the cornerstone to long lasting recovery. Our compassion for the individuals we serve is what has driven us to be leaders in the recovery industry. Omega Recovery is more than just a substance abuse rehab, we are Real Life Treatment. And if the cost is a concern in finding out what substance abuse treatment in Austin can do for you, do not hesitate to reach out. We understand that insurance coverage may be the deciding factor in what treatment options you can consider. If we are unable to work with your insurance we will promptly assist you with a referral to a quality program that does. Whatever your choice, explore what substance abuse treatment in Austin can do for you or a loved one today.

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