Along with traditional psychotherapy, we’ve incorporated those “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” into the clinical protocols. Unplugging from our devices, developing a sense of healing community, physical exercise, immersing oneself in nature–those things alone can be more therapeutic than sitting for an hour in a therapist’s chair and venting about your life. 

Available in Austin and Maui.

Of course, there is value to traditional psychotherapy, which our master’s level clinicians also do–but there is something even more special, more healing–and more transformative–when combined with nature immersion, somatic and experiential therapies, and the above-mentioned Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.

Indeed, outdoor nature immersion, also known as “Adventure Therapy” has been researched as OBH (Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare), more typically associated with adolescent wilderness-style programs, but which also applies to the nature immersion and adventure therapy we are doing. So hiking, boating, biking, mindfulness walks by the water, exercising with their clinical group at the gym…all of these activities can be incredibly grounding and can help restore a person to a more balanced and emotionally and psychologically healthy way of being.

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