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video game addiction help

Looking for a rehab center wth video game addiction help? Video game addiction can be a difficult challenge to face, affecting not only the individual playing the games but also their loved ones. Omega Recovery understands the difficulties of this addiction and we are here to guide you or your loved one towards a healthy path. Our team of professionals is committed to offering individualized care and support that focuses on the unique needs of each patient. Our goal is to help those struggling with video game addiction overcome their challenges and regain their footing. At Omega Recovery, we believe in the power of healing and personal growth, and we are dedicated to helping everyone we serve achieve their fullest potential.

Video Game Addiction

Experts are examining whether playing video games excessively can become an addiction. Although gaming has been around for almost half a century, research on its effects is still in its early stages. There are varying opinions on whether problematic gaming should be classified as an addiction. While it is great to pursue enjoyable activities, there is concern about the point at which a hobby becomes a harmful obsession.

The 2018 International Classification of Diseases by the World Organization now includes “gaming disorder” as a medical condition. However, the DSM-5 by the American Psychiatry Association only includes gambling as a possible addiction, and does not recognize gaming disorder.

Video game addiction is worrying both parents and healthcare professionals. While playing video games can be enjoyable, it can also lead to a harmful addiction with negative consequences. These consequences, such as poor academic performance, social isolation, and decreased physical activity, may vary and impact individuals who suffer from video game addiction. Excessive video gaming can lead to depression, anxiety, and insomnia for some people. Even though the American Psychiatric Association doesn’t classify it as an official disorder, video game addiction can still greatly affect a person’s life. It’s crucial for parents to keep an eye on their children’s gaming behavior, and for individuals to realize when it’s becoming an issue.

If you notice that your video game habits are taking over and affecting your daily routine, it’s essential to seek assistance as video game addiction is a genuine condition that can create various issues. Neglecting duties, losing significant opportunities, and damaging relationships with close ones are some examples of potential consequences. Using video games excessively can lead to physical and mental health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression. If you feel like your gaming is getting out of control, it’s important to take action before things get worse. You can start by seeking help from a professional or joining a support group. It’s a crucial first step towards finding a balance again and experiencing the pleasure of living a healthy, enjoyable life.

Signs to Watch For

DSM-5 has a section that outlines the warning signs of problematic video gaming, regardless of whether it is played online or offline. This information can be useful for individuals and doctors.

determine if you or someone you know has a problem, look for five or more of these signs within a year. These criteria were proposed in the DSM-5 and apply to yourself, your partner, child, or friend:

  • Thinking about gaming all or a lot of the time
  • Feeling bad when you can’t play
  • Needing to spend more and more time playing to feel good
  • Not being able to quit or even play less
  • Not wanting to do other things that you used to like
  • Having problems at work, school, or home because of your gaming
  • Playing despite these problems
  • Lying to people close to you about how much time you spend playing
  • Using gaming to ease bad moods and feelings

It is important to note that not all play games excessively are necessarily addicted. According to experts, it can be detrimental to categorize enthusiastic gamers as having a problem. However, they do acknowledge that the proportion of players who meet the standards for video game addiction help is limited. The estimated percentage of gamers, including both adults and kids, who experience this condition is between 1% to 9%. It is observed more frequently in boys and men than in girls and women.

What Makes Video Gaming so Addictive?

According to Greenfield, the brain mechanisms underlying video game addiction are comparable to those involved in other types of addictions. This is because gaming stimulates the same receptors that are responsible for substance abuse and gambling, making it difficult for the brain to differentiate between a drug and a video game.

Greenfield says the brain chemical responsible for pleasure and reward is dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter. Dopamine played a role in making mating and eating pleasurable, which were crucial survival activities from an evolutionary perspective and increased the chances of humans continuing to engage in them.

video game addiction help

Video Game Addiction Help at Omega

If you or a loved one is struggling with excessive gaming and feeling like it’s the only thing they’re good at, there is a solution. It may have started as a harmless hobby, but it’s important to recognize when it has become an unhealthy obsession. Don’t be resistant to the idea of cutting back on gaming, as it could greatly improve your daily life. Asking for help can be the first step in making a change. You may also find helpful information on websites and connect with understanding professionals who can assist you or your family member in overcoming a new clinical problem and reclaiming your lives.

Recovery offers an 8-week program created by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, a well-known specialist in treating technology and gaming addiction and the writer of “Glow Kids” bestseller. The program is designed to deal with not only gaming addiction but also underlying issues that may contribute to it, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, low resilience, self-esteem, shame, trauma, and the struggle to find purpose in life.

Dr. Kardaras’ program addresses underlying issues and includes a digital detox. The detox allows for self-discovery and long-term recovery. Master-level therapists trained by Dr. Kardaras and certified by the NIDHW engage with gaming clients. When an individual is working through their psychodynamic issues in order to develop a stronger sense of their authentic identity, which is not shaped by their behaviors.

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Do you or a loved one need video game addiction help? It’s a tough battle, but you don’t have to fight it alone. Trust the experts at Omega Recovery to guide you towards recovery. Our professionals understand the challenges that come with overcoming addiction and know how to support you every step of the way. We offer a safe and nurturing environment where you can learn healthy coping mechanisms and begin to heal. Don’t let video game addiction control your life any longer – reach out to Omega Recovery today by calling (512) 601-5407 and take the first step towards a brighter future.

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