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If you’re calling around to treatment centers in Austin, make your next call to Omega Recovery. We have the programs and treatment options more patients are looking for when considering long-term recovery from addiction. If you’re worried about payment, we accept all major PPO insurance plans and offer a number of private pay options, including financing.

Addiction is a serious disease and one that you need to resolve as soon as possible. The most effective way to recover from any type of addiction is with professional help. It is difficult to overcome an addiction on your own and it can cause you stress and trauma. Instead, choose one of the top treatment centers in Austin and get the type of care you need to recover from your addiction.

Treatment Services

Professional treatment centers in Austin offer a wide range of treatment services. Everyone’s needs are different and the treatment that one person needs may not be the ideal plan to meet your needs. Some of the most important services include intervention and family guidance, medical detox, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, life and recovery coaching, sober living and aftercare and family therapy and support.

The first step in every recovery process is to rid your body of the toxic substance. This detox period is when the body rids itself of the effects of alcohol or drug use. This withdrawal period may be accompanied by a variety of symptoms. The symptoms vary from person to person and are different based on the type of substance you were using, how much of it you were using on a daily basis and how long you were using the substance.

It is not recommended that you go through detox on your own. Some of the symptoms can be serious or even dangerous. In some cases, medical detox is indicated as a way to reduce some of the most severe symptoms. Luckily, the detox period won’t last too long. Once it is over your body is free from drugs and you can begin the work of recovery.

Addiction Treatment

Treatment centers in Austin generally provide a two-part approach. First the body has to be detoxified of the substance and then you need to work on the psychological impact of addiction. Therapy, both individual and group sessions, will give you insight into the reasons why you became addicted and teach you to recognize the triggers so you can avoid relapse.

In addition, you will learn new and healthier behaviors to replace old negative ones. You will get the tools you need to use now and throughout your life as you follow a path that is free from addiction. Residential treatment is often recommended because it gives you a structured framework as you work on the steps of recovery. Intensive outpatient treatment is an option for those who are unable to participate in residential treatment.

A customized recovery treatment plan will ensure that your efforts will be successful. You will receive the best possible treatment options with both traditional and holistic treatment choices.  Once you complete your initial treatment program you may go home or you might take part in a sober living arrangement. This is a transitional home that further prepares you to return to life outside the facility.

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