Lack of Purpose or Meaning in One’s Life

For many, addiction is about escaping pain–physical or emotional. Yet for others, their addiction is all about filling a sense of emptiness that exists in their lives. These “existential crises” can be a result of retirement, divorce, illness, a death in the family…or merely a sense purposelessness that leads to a life adrift and devoid of meaning. These are very often the conditions that lead to an endless cycle of self-medicating to fill the void of meaning and purpose that has developed.

At Omega Recovery, we do a thorough assessment to get to the underlying causes of the addiction or the psychological distress. If a sense of emptiness is the culprit, then beginning to work with a thoughtful clinician to find meaning and purpose in one’s life is the solution. We use Viktor Frankl’s “Logotherapy” to help drifting and lost Omega Recovery clients find their purpose and passion in their lives. Once a person is aligned with a sense of purpose, very often the desire to drink and self-medicate dissipates entirely.

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