CBS Austin News: Dr. K, Community Integrated Addiction Treatment

Omega Recovery is a drug treatment and mental health treatment center in Austin, TX. Dr. Kardaras and our clinical team have created a new, better, and more effective way to treat drug addiction and mental health. Traditionally treatment programs put the struggling addict in an artificial treatment bubble where it’s relatively easy to stay sober, but inevitably when that client leaves treatment, they’re unprepared to deal with the stress of everyday life.

Courtney Schoenemann with CBS Austin visited Omega Recovery and met with our clinical team and clients to learn more about our approach. CBS Austin news article aired on 11/4/19.

“At age 25, Jacob Bolding is finally living a life of recovery. After several attempts to turn his life around, Bolding said he’s finally found a treatment program that works for him — community integrated treatment. “The accountability, structure, and fellowship come along with living with other people who are struggling with addiction and are trying to better their lives and recover from something that a lot of people are struggling with,” Bolding said.

Dr Nicholas Kardaras Founder, CEO and Chief Clinical Officer. Explains community integrated treatment for addiction treatment in Austin, TX.

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is an addiction psychologist and the founder and CEO at Omega Recovery in Austin. “When I got clean and sober 20 years ago there weren’t a lot of options,” Dr. Kardaras said. The options consisted of either hospitalization or remote rehabs that isolate the patient from everyone and everything. He refers to it as “the bubble-wrapped treatment model” and when clients discharge, they’re hit with real-world problems: triggers, family, stressors and eventually relapse.”

Clients at Omega Recovery receive 30 hours of clinical treatment a week while living in a highly structured supervised sober home in the community. In this “community integrated treatment model” clients get to experience life, shopping at the supermarket, working out, and spending time outdoors, all with staff supervision. In this way, clients have the support they need when and if triggers arise in everyday world experiences.

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