Bipolar Treatment Centers Can Offer The Help You Need

Why should you look to a Bipolar Disorder treatment center whether for yourself or a loved one? Because experienced professionals found at bipolar treatment centers can offer the help you need, providing knowledge and support for everyday life. Thankfully there are many more centers operating today in comparison to other generations, however finding the best fit is up to the searcher. Not all bipolar treatment centers will be the same, and not all will provide the exact same forms of treatment. Utilizing the information online can help someone understand what bipolar is and looks like, as well as learn about the different kinds of treatments and programs that are available. Everything from location, environment, private quarters, group settings, and family incorporation should be asked of any potential bipolar treatment center.

What Bipolar Disorder Is And The Symptoms To Look For

So, how is a person to know if either they themselves or someone they love is struggling with Bipolar Disorder? Diagnosis should only be given by a professional as bipolar treatment centers can offer the help you need. As defined, Bipolar Disorder is associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from manic highs to depressive lows. The exact cause of Bipolar Disorder isn’t known, but a combination of genetics, environment, and altered brain structure and chemistry may play a role. Manic episodes may include symptoms such as high energy, reduced need for sleep, and loss of touch with reality. Depressive episodes may include symptoms such as low energy, low motivation, and loss of interest in daily activities. Mood episodes last days to months at a time and may also be even associated with suicidal thoughts. Hence the importance of knowing which signs to look for, whether by yourself or a loved one.

Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Can Include:

  • Self-doubt.
  • Feeling sad, hopeless, or irritable most of the time.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Waking up early.
  • Lacking energy.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Difficulty concentrating and remembering things.
  • Loss of interest in everyday activities.
  • Feelings of emptiness or worthlessness.
  • Feelings of guilt and despair.
  • Feeling pessimistic about everything.
  • Being delusional, having hallucinations, feeling disturbed, or illogical thinking.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

For some people living with bipolar they may experience all the symptoms outlined above, while others may only experience some. However no matter the severity, seeking professional treatment is necessary for any quality of life improvement. While medication may be able to manage some of the symptoms of bipolar, therapy teaches the skills that can be used in all areas of life. Therapy can help someone struggling with bipolar learn how to deal with their disorder, cope with problems, regulate their mood, change thinking habits, and improve relationships. Treatment is usually lifelong and often involves a combination of medications and psychotherapy, which is why bipolar treatment centers can offer the help you need. Once diagnosed, utilizing knowledgeable and experienced professionals that can give the support and treatment(s) needed for Bipolar Disorder is key. Living well with bipolar disorder requires certain adjustments. Omega Recovery, for example, assists those who are suffering from bipolar by incorporating a strong foundation and one-of-a-kind programs for long-term recovery. Omega Recovery offers the best, evidence-based, most immersive and transformative Bipolar Disorder treatment programs for young adults in the United States.

The Struggles Of Living With Untreated Bipolar Disorder

There is no doubt that Bipolar Disorder is a condition of extremes. The extreme nature of Bipolar Disorder can make it difficult for the person to keep a job and strain their personal relationships. In fact, an individual living with bipolar disorder may be unaware they’re in the manic phase. And amazingly enough after the episode is over, the individual may be shocked at their behavior! Most often however at the time they may believe other people are being negative or unhelpful. It is also important to understand that some people with bipolar may have more frequent and severe episodes than others. Which is precisely why bipolar treatment centers can offer the help you need, whether for yourself or a loved one. During episodes of mania and depression, someone with bipolar disorder may experience strange sensations, such as seeing, hearing or smelling things that are not there (hallucinations). They may also believe things that seem irrational to other people (delusions). These types of symptoms are known as psychosis or psychotic episodes. There’s also an increased risk of suicide for those experiencing severe extremes for bipolar. All the more reason as to why finding professional help and receiving an accurate diagnosis is paramount for anyone struggling with the outlined symptoms.

Omega Recovery Bipolar Centers Can Offer The Help You Need

Omega Recovery is an accredited national and local provider of mental health & technology addiction treatment services that help people struggling reclaim their life. We develop individually specialized treatment plans to address addiction and mental health disorders such as bipolar that are life-long lasting. Omega Recovery has been recognized as a trusted partner with a legacy of providing high-value and high quality clinical care for over a decade. As a Platinum provider and Center of Excellence with Optum and honored National Provider Partner with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the bar for quality is high. Our evidence-based programs are delivered across the entire continuum of care to improve and restore quality of life for individuals struggling with bipolar and their families. Omega Recovery bipolar treatment centers can offer the help you need thanks to the knowledgeable and experienced professionals that work with our clients. In fact, our founder could not be more passionate about providing help to those that need it most in a society distracted so much with technology and false realities. Through extensive diagnostic evaluations and holistic treatment, Dr. Kardaras is dedicated to enhancing wellness by offering clarity, direction, and results.

“Humans simply weren’t genetically designed for technologically driven 21st century living; we weren’t meant to be sedentary, screen-staring, lonely and meaning-devoid beings. Unfortunately, this modern way of life runs counter to our primal needs for human connection, physical activity and a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. Because of that, we have a modern mental health pandemic with the highest recorded rates of depression, suicide, addiction, loneliness, overdose, anxiety, and ADHD. And Covid only made all these dynamics much worse. Yet most cookie-cutter treatment programs don’t really understand these issues, nor how to treat them. At Omega Recovery, we not only understand these complex issues, but we’ve developed the best clinical program to treat them.” -Dr. Kardaras, Founder CEO And Chief Clinical Officer of Omega Recovery

Bipolar treatment centers can offer the help you need by providing programs dedicated to anyone struggling with Bipolar Disorder and wanting peace in their life. Treatments utilized at Omega Recovery for bipolar include: CBT, DBT, Peer Recovery Coaching, Nature Immersion, Outdoor Behavioral Health, Narrative Therapy (Hero’s Journey), Mindfulness, Yoga, and Somatic Techniques. Dr. Kardaras is also the creator of Seahab, an intensive experiential form of Nature Immersion therapy. Based on the very successful evidence-based principles of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH), Seahab has proven to be very effective as an intensive intervention to help addicts shift out of self-destructive and toxic lifestyle patterns. Thanks to Dr. Kardaras and their incredible team, Omega Recovery is dedicated to enhancing wellness by offering clarity, direction, and results through extensive diagnostic evaluations and holistic treatment.

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