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Mental health disorders are increasingly being recognized as legitimate medical conditions. Mental health treatment is an essential factor in any person’s journey toward wellness, wholeness and happiness.

Omega Recovery Mental Health Treatment Facility assists men and women by providing a personalized, sensitive and comprehensive approach to mental health treatment, rehabilitation and support. The Omega Recovery Treatment Facility provides Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Service with an emphasis on treating co-occurring disorders such as PTSD/Trauma, Depression Dual Diagnosis, Bi-Polar Disorder , Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Anxiety Disorders.

Specializing in various Mental Health Care Plans that include: Veterans Mental Heath Care Plans, Mental Health Treatment Facility for adolescents, Mental Health Rehabilitation treatment facility for adults, Omega Recovery Mental Health Treatment Facility Plans that Address Dual Diagnosis Mental Illness Addictions Accommodations, and Life Skills Accommodations.

Evidence Based Mental Health Treatment

Mental health conditions are often misunderstood as personal failings rather than medical issues requiring treatment just like any other physical ailment. Mental health disorders can be challenging to diagnose and treat due to the stigmatizing nature of mental illness in society. This is why it is so important to seek help from professionals who specialize in mental health treatment. Mental health professionals understand the complexities of mental illness diagnoses and treatments. Mental health facilities focus on long-term wellness by centering on Psychological Rehabilitation techniques utilizing empirically validated psychotherapy models such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Mental health treatment facilities can provide a safe and supportive environment for sensitive issues requiring confidentiality. Mental health treatment facilities provide a structured setting to address these issues with no distractions or interruptions from the outside world. Mental Health Treatment Facility is committed to treating all mental illnesses including veterans with PTSD Mental Health Treatment Facility .

Omega Recovery Mental Heath Treatment Centers provides intensive, evidence-based care to those struggling with various conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and more. Mental Health Treatment Facilities offer support through individualized therapy that focuses on building healthy coping skills and facilitating personal changes in order to achieve lasting wellness. Mental health professionals treat these issues as they would any other medical condition, as if it were a cancer or diabetes that needed tending to.

The Omega Recovery Mental Heath Treatment Facility is dedicated to providing the most effective mental health treatment possible. These treatments build on a foundation of communication and connection between therapist and client and can be highly beneficial in alleviating symptoms and promoting wellness. Counselors embrace holistic practices, respecting each person’s physical well-being as an integral part of overall wellness.

Evidence based mental health treatments are offered at our nationally accredited facilities that address PTSD/Trauma, Depression, Dual Diagnosis, Bi-Polar Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Anxiety Disorders.

“Dr. Kardaras and Dr.Ilardi think that they’ve found the answer: Increased rates of depression and other mental health woes like anxiety and addiction are a byproduct of our modernized, industrialized and urbanized lives. Our love affair with social media and the gadgets and comforts of being a highly technologically evolved society have made us more sedentary, more isolated and put us on a never-ending treadmill of overworking, under-sleeping and hyper-stressing.”

Mental Health Treatment at Omega Recovery

In the modern digital age we’ve seen an epidemic spike in mental health disorders–especially amongst young adults. Record rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, personality disorders, overdoses, increased ADHD and overall malaise. And that was all before Covid; since Covid, depression rates have tripled, anxiety rates have hit record levels and suicides have dramatically increased. According to depression researcher Dr. Steven Ilardi, “Americans are 10 times more likely to have depressive illness than they were 60 years ago…and a recent study found the rate of depression has more than doubled in just the past decade”.

The more Dr. Ilardi looked at the commonalities of these mentally healthy societies, the more he was able to tease out certain common variables; things like living in a close-knit community, being more physically active, having a greater sense of purpose in their lives, not ruminating on the negative. Armed with his findings, he developed a protocol based on these elements called Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) and discovered amazing research results when incorporated into the lives of modern Americans.

And there is one other key factor as well: For many, the modern age has also vacuumed out a sense of meaning and purpose out of people’s lives. At Omega Recovery, we that that many of our clients are indeed undergoing an existential crisis of meaning and purpose and turning to toxic habits and behaviors to fill the emptiness. In these cases, existential exploration and finding a sense of life purpose is critical in the healing process.

Dr. Kardaras has incorporated “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” into the clinical protocols of Omega Recovery in Austin: Unplugging from electronic devices, developing a sense of healing community, physical exercise within a group/community setting, immersing oneself in nature–all combined with existential exploration and traditional psychotherapy and evidence based modalities like CBT and DBT can literally be life-saving.

When all of the above mentioned elements are combined together in treatment, the results are often nothing less than human alchemy– a complete psychic transformation.

Our holistic, nationally-recognized and accredited program is here to provide you with the best evidence-based care, regardless of which stage of recovery you are in. Whether you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one struggling with recovery – we can help.

Mental health problems have been on the rise in recent years. Mental illness affects nearly 1 out of every 5 adults (22.4 million) and more than half of all people who live with mental illness are children or adolescents aged 17 or younger (13.6 million). And as we’ve written about, it doesn’t discriminate; those living at the poverty level, those without access to healthcare, and even some celebrities like Demi Lovato who experience these disorders before they turn 25. Mental health is a serious problem that can be helped through lifestyle changes and holistic treatments such as Omega Recovery’s Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes protocol for clients seeking help for themselves or loved ones struggling with recovery- regardless of which stage you’re in.

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