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Omega Recovery Extended Care is designed to provide individuals with less than 90 days of sobriety a supportive and secure transition from higher levels of care back to mainstream society.  For many individuals beginning their path to long term sobriety and mental health the transition from a highly structured inpatient facility to traditional independent living environments (sober living and returning home) can be challenging.

Extended Care in Austin

Take a moment to imagine the safety experienced in inpatient care, where each minute of your day is planned, use of cell phones and internet are restricted, and the majority of your day is spent working on new coping skills or healing old wounds.  Now upon completion of that level of care the client is thrust into a much less stable environment where stressors are at every turn.  Now the old romantic interest can get back in touch, stressors of work may be present, and the responsibility of managing finances in a variety of different forms presents.  Dually diagnosed clients are faced with the challenges of trying to implement coping skills or emotional regulation techniques in a vastly more complicated environment.

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Extended care accounts for these challenges and provides support in each of these areas and more.   It’s important to know that sober living environments are essentially independent living environments where large portions of the individual’s day is unsupervised and therefore unsupported.  In our Extended Care program clients are supervised 24 hours a day.  Life skills and educational groups are held at the residential location while clinical services are provided at our outpatient center several days each week.  Our clinical and residential teams work in coordination with each other to provide the comprehensive support necessary for successful transition back to mainstream society.

What does Omega Recovery Extended Care Program provide?

  • Life Skill Development through education groups and life skills workshops provided at the house.
  • Employment Success is a huge emphasis and we provide resume building support as well as job interview coaching and accountability through this process.
  • Academic Support to succeed for clients who desire to get back on track with their education
  • 24/7 supervision and staffing.  Unlike sober living programs our extended care program provides staff supervised activities and staff engagement with the client throughout the day.
  • 12-step recovery augmentation or support.
  • A strong clinical component. Omega Recovery includes clinical services, psychological assessments, experiential therapies, group therapy and individual therapy to supplement the structure in the house. Our clinical team and housing teams have outstanding communication with each other.
  • Fun in sobriety is something we emphasize through nature emersion, fitness, community events and our full activities schedule.
  • 3 meals a day, even something as basic as nutrition can be neglected for a variety of reasons during this stage so we make sure to provide balanced nutrition to residents at our extended care program.


How do I know if I need an Extended Care Program is needed?

It can be difficult for clients, their loved to know whether or not an Extended Care Program is the right choice.  Often times there is great temptation to opt for the least restrictive environment but we strongly suggest you consider these common factors that merit consideration of an Extended Care addiction program:

  • Previous failures at the sober living level of care
  • Dual diagnosis clients who may benefit from added mental health support
  • Absence of career or family responsibility to return to
  • Lack of life skills for independent living
  • 18-25 age group often requires a more structured transition
  • Moving to a new location where client has no community support established
  • Repeated relapses after treatment episodes
  • Low motivation for recovery
  • Inability to demonstrate a clear plan with purpose
  • An inpatient or residential treatment stay of less than 90 days
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Our extended care program can also be ideal for someone who has had a period of sobriety but has relapsed for a short period of time. We provide a full 12-step completion process, access to exemplary therapeutic resources, and a specific focus on life skills. Our programs not only function to fill a needed niche for clients requiring a higher level of outpatient care, but also provide a more budget-friendly alternative to inpatient treatment to those clients who have already experienced that level of care multiple times.

By meeting clients where they are at, setting measurable and attainable goals, and providing support along the way, we help clients learn to live again.  It’s important to realize that many clients recovering from chronic mental health and substance use disorders are relearning or starting from scratch with the skills necessary to live happy and productive lives.

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