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Social media is easily one of the worst contributors to poor health. Research shows that social media addiction could make you passive and potentially run down on your mind for far-reaching damages. Experts agree that Internet addiction should get a professional Facebook addiction treatment to modify your mood and improve addictive behavior. 

People who are likely to have a social media addiction

Certain factors predispose you to a possible social media addiction. These include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Narcissism disorder
  • Depression
  • Little confidence to pursue life
  • Neurotic tendencies

People who use social media to get a life are prone to comparison tendencies because they need the platform to invent their persona.

Determining whether you have social media addiction

Social media affects you negatively when you feel intense negative emotions with continued use. You can identify the effects by observing your emotions and mind for signs of depression, anxiety, and panic because you do not feel good enough bout your skills and achievements. You may end up complicating your occupation, withdrawing from work, and neglecting your hobbies to scan through your favorite pages or stalk an interest’s page.

Dangers of social media addictions

Exposure to inappropriate content

Teens and toddlers are particularly prone to upsetting content if they browse the Internet without supervision. They are at risk of meeting people with malicious intent and becoming a statistic of the many teens missing worldwide. Failing to address their addiction to the screen will lead them to the dark alleys of the web, as they meet new people and trust bad media.

Develop poor judgment

Teenagers do not have a fully developed prefrontal cortex and therefore lack a part of the brain that helps form a proper judgment. Social media is not advisable for teens, especially when they lack parental support and positive peer influence. They will feel vulnerable to social media if they try to measure up to their friends, keep up with an influencer’s fake reality, among other destructive habits.

Risky behaviors

Social media is not for the weak and will have devastating results if you already struggle with low self-esteem. It is easy to lose control of your reaction to information and get into the latest social media challenge games without understanding their full risks. It is also risky to always list your location while running errands or on vacation, over-sexualizing yourself, and chasing after the wrong crowds to fit in. Social media addiction help will connect you to your inner self so you are firm in your stance and can engage in healthy ways.


Cyberbullying is the number one cause of depression and anxiety among teens. It causes immense vulnerability as you grow into adulthood because you have warped views on life and self-esteem. It is much better to get social media addiction help for yourself or your child, so they know how to react and maintain their confidence no matter who or what they deal with online.

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Evidence-based Modalities for Treatments

Building on the pioneering work of Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Omega created cutting edge protocols combined with the best evidence-based modalities to meaningfully and effectively treat young people struggling with substance addiction, mental health and/or tech addiction issues.

Omega Recovery’s Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, explains in his book “Glow Kids” how modern-day technology is equally if not more dopaminergic(addictive) than drugs and alcohol. Considered a leading expert in digital addiction, he has clinically worked with 1,000 individuals and written about the subject for Time, Scientific American, Psychology Today, Solan, and FOX News, and has appeared on Good Morning America, ABC’s 20/20, the CBS Evening News, CNN, FOX & Friends, NPR, and in Esquire, New York magazine, and Vanity Fair.

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