Digital Addiction

The brain processes technology addiction the same way it does alcohol or drug addiction. The new like or comment is a dopamine inducer that disrupts the brain’s natural chemical balance. The brain knows technology addiction is a drug and reacts in a manner that increases our risk of engaging in more harmful acts. Here is the science behind digital addiction.

How computer addiction affects the brain

Diminishes the white and grey matter

The brain needs a healthy balance of white and grey matter to function. Excess screen time reduces the fatty tissues on either section, affecting our decision-making, problem-solving skills, and concentration to interfere with standard signaling patterns.

Disrupts the sleep cycle

The screen emits UV rays that interfere with sleep hormones. The light reduces the production of melatonin ad makes the brain think it is daytime when it should be resting at night.

Reduces memorability

Neuroscience discovered that technology messes with our ability to remember important data or simple ones like phone numbers, names, and birthdays. This case is because apps and software have many complex operations that easily disrupt normal brain function.

Reduces impulse control

Research shows a strong link between online addictions and impulsivity. One study revealed consistent video games and gambling could cause aggression or irrational fear.

Steps technology addiction treatment programs


The detox lasts up to three weeks of the computer addiction treatment because it introduces you to other ways of spending time and living life. This stage is critical and needs supervision because you will experience withdrawals like loneliness, boredom, lethargy, and inadequate sleep, among many more.

Diagnosis precedes the detox because we must know what plagues your mind before planning the recovery. The criteria are to look at indicators of addiction, such as excess periods of gaming, irritability, and lying about your time usage. Most rehabs have advanced their diagnosis with tests, scales, and scales to explain your addiction. Our experts use every tool at our disposal to get an accurate analysis of your condition and determine the best treatment.

Remember that you do not have to exhibit all the physical and mental signs of addiction to be eligible for treatment. We will look at simple things like how you react to social media likes, play games on traffic, and other rare behaviors for accurate diagnosis.

Social activities

The participant needs more social activities to replace the digital addiction. We reinforce the value of a healthy lifestyle with regular counseling and stress management tools. We structure the healing to last several years after you leave rehab so that you can realize fast positive results in your work, social activities, and school. Therapy programs that will support your mental and emotional wellbeing include:

  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Family and group therapy

Internet addiction is a relatively new concept because technology is new, and researchers spent some time studying different brain patterns to define addiction. We continue to keep up with these scientific developments to introduce as many healing tools as necessary. Get in touch with us for consultation regarding your treatment, a loved one, or an employee. Submit your insurance verification details online to initiate your treatment for technology addiction at Omega Recovery.

Digital Addiction