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Omega Recovery is one of the few rehabs with the best  computer addiction treatment program in the business. While technology is an excellent resource, it can sometimes become a dangerous tool for children and young adults. Our integrative treatment program helps individuals heal from computer addiction safely and speedily. Some crucial benefits of holistic treatment for computer addiction:

  • Overcome the negative effects of computer addiction

Addiction to phones or computers can cause you to miss out on work-related responsibilities and prevent you from leading a physically active lifestyle. Our addiction treatment can reduce your risk of losing your job or performing poorly at school. It can also prevent you from facing issues in relationships and improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

  • Corrects chemical imbalances in the brain

A recent study states that computer and internet addiction can lead to changes in the brain’s grey matter. Grey matter is responsible for movement control, memory, and emotions. The study also found that the shape and size of the grey matter of individuals with computer addiction resembled that of drug users. Diminished grey matter can reduce concentration, affect your performance at work, and cause memory problems. 

Our addiction treatment program focuses on correcting the disturbances to the GABA system caused by computer and internet addiction. Our therapists use cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to fix the imbalances in the GABA system and bring the brain chemistry to a non-addicted ratio.

  • Reduces risk for suicide

Internet and smartphone addiction is one of the reasons for rising in depression and suicide among teenagers. Receiving treatment for technology addiction can reduce your risk for suicide and other self-harming behaviors.

  • Reduces your risk for mental health issues

Addiction to computers can lead to sleep deficiency, lower concentration levels, creativity blocks, and aggravated attention deficit disorders. These symptoms can develop into anxiety, stress, and other psychological problems over time. Holistic internet addiction treatment can help you overcome feelings of loneliness and insecurity and embrace a healthier lifestyle. It can reduce your cravings for the internet and help you spend more quality with your loved ones, friends, and family.

  • Improves quality of life

Computer addiction can cause you to try to hide your behavior or lie about it to others. Our goal is to help you overcome these destructive behavioral patterns and lead a healthier lifestyle over the years. Our holistic addiction treatment can help you complete duties at work, school, and home without any delays and help you perform well in everyday activities. You can finally sleep and wake up at a reasonable hour and engage in social life as you break free from your addiction to electronic gadgets. Our leading computer addiction treatment can improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Get in touch with us at 512-559-7837 to learn more about our computer addiction treatment. Omega Recovery is a premier inpatient rehab with the best behavioral and mental health treatment programs. If you are worried about yourself, we can help you before your computer consumes your life. Take the empowering step towards recovery by getting in touch with our treatment provider today.

Evidence-based Modalities for Treatments

Building on the pioneering work of Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Omega created cutting edge protocols combined with the best evidence-based modalities to meaningfully and effectively treat young people struggling with substance addiction, mental health and/or tech addiction issues.

Omega Recovery’s Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, explains in his book “Glow Kids” how modern-day technology is equally if not more dopaminergic(addictive) than drugs and alcohol. Considered a leading expert in digital addiction, he has clinically worked with 1,000 individuals and written about the subject for Time, Scientific American, Psychology Today, Solan, and FOX News, and has appeared on Good Morning America, ABC’s 20/20, the CBS Evening News, CNN, FOX & Friends, NPR, and in Esquire, New York magazine, and Vanity Fair.

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    Tech Addiction Treatment

    One of the most serious issues with Tech Addiction is the absence of online responsibility. Users are often hiding behind a screen and engage in behavior that they would never do in real life. Omega includes our clinical program as a way to unplug from our devices.

    Mental Health Treatment

    Omega Recovery works with clients to help them manage their mental health symptoms by providing group and individual therapy, psychiatric consultation and evaluation, community support, and information on how to better manage their illness.

    Substance Abuse Treatment

    There is a risk of abuse and addiction whenever someone uses drugs or alcohol. Everyone is at risk of developing a substance abuse disorder, regardless of how much they use. Omega Recovery’s extensive diagnostic evaluations are used to determine whether or not addiction recovery should be a necessary treatment plan.

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