Meth Addiction Quiz

Fill out the quiz below to get an estimate of the likelihood that you or someone you care about is suffering from meth addiction.

Do you find yourself unable to feel the effects of methamphetamine at lower doses?
Despite any tolerance you have built, do you still continue to use methamphetamine at higher doses?
Do you experience withdrawals such as fatigue, vivid dreaming, insomnia, increased appetite, loss of motor skills or depression when you stop using methamphetamine?
Have you ever had a significant loss of interest in life or suicidal thoughts when not using methamphetamine?
When not using methamphetamine, do you feel significant stress or an overall inability to function in your life?
Have you ever tried to fully quit using methamphetamine but failed?
Do you currently have a desire to quit methamphetamine?
Has any friend or family member tried to help you quit before?
Have you ever consulted a health professional to aid you in quitting?
Has your work performance decreased since using methamphetamine?
Have you ever lost friends or a job because of methamphetamine?
Have you ever neglected family or other personal obligations because of methamphetamine?
Have you ever gotten into legal trouble because of methamphetamine?
Do you feel you have less interest in your social life or other hobbies since using methamphetamine?
Since using methamphetamine, have you experienced increased blood pressure, respiratory problems, extreme weight loss, dental problems or any infections?
Since using methamphetamine, have you had any liver damage, chest pains, kidney impairment, blood clots, hallucinations or paranoia?
Have you ever gone to the hospital because of methamphetamine?
Has a health professional ever advised you to quit and you did not?
Do you spend a significant part of your day thinking about methamphetamine or finding ways to obtain it?
Do you spend a significant amount of time hungover from methamphetamine’s effects?
Have you noticed you have less time for other activities since using methamphetamine?
Do you use methamphetamine more than three times a week?
Are you now using more methamphetamine in larger doses than when you first started using it?
Do you notice each of your usages increasing in duration since you first started using methamphetamine?
Do you find it difficult to stop using methamphetamine once you begin?


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