Kids Screen Addiction Quiz

Take this test on behalf of your children to check whether they have any of the symptoms that are typical among kids with screen addiction.

Does your child become angry, frustrated, or sad when you take away their smartphone, tablet, or other device?
Do you try to set limits on their screen time without much success?
Does your child attempt to deceive you about their screen use?
Does your child show lack of interest in socializing, such as looking at screens during dinner or other activities?
Does your child show a lack of interest in activities that don’t involve screens, such as reading or playing sports?
Has your child’s screen use ever interfered with their ability to complete school work?
Are your child’s thoughts and words preoccupied with video games, Internet videos or other screen-based media even when they aren’t using their devices?
Does your child’s screen use negatively affect family relationships?
Is your child only happy when they are using a device?
Does your child sleep with their phone or tablet, or lose sleep due to technology use?


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