Anxiety Disorder Quiz

Take this test to check whether you have any of the symptoms that are typical among persons with anxiety disorders.

Do you find yourself worrying about lots of things?
Do you find yourself oversleeping?
Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
Have you lost a lot of weight recently because of poor appetite?
Do you feel sad or miserable?
Do you find yourself thinking about killing yourself?
Do you feel very tired, fatigued or very irritable?
Are you enjoying things a lot less than you used to?
Do you feel worthless and guilty?
Do you have difficulty concentrating on your work?
Do you feel apprehensive and anxious for no apparent reason?
Do you feel restless or keyed up?
Do you get mentally fatigued easily?
Does your mind go blank all of a sudden?
Do you feel irritable and jumpy?
Do you have restless, unsatisfying sleep?
Do your muscles feel tense and almost painful?
Do you feel tense and uptight at the slightest change in your routine?
Do people tell you that you look very stressed out?


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