Alcohol Addiction Quiz

Fill out the quiz below to get an estimate of the likelihood that you or someone you care about is suffering from alcohol addiction.

When you are feeling sad, do you have a few drinks to ease the pain?
Do you notice that you can handle a lot more alcohol now than you could when you first started?
Have you had blackouts after drinking?
Is drinking a big highlight of your day?
Do you plan your social life according to the events that will include alcohol?
Let's say that you drank a lot at a party last night. You didn't pass out or black out. The next day your friends tell you that you said certain things you don't recall saying at all. Does this happen to you?
Do your family members and/or friends tell you that you drink too much?
Have you lost friendships because of your drinking?
Do you ever have an alcoholic drink in the morning?
Have you ever had a DUI or DWI?
Do you have other family members that drink large amounts of alcohol or always include drinking alcohol in their daytime activities?
Do you ever feel guilty about drinking?
Are there days where you stay drunk for more than 24 hours?
When you try to drink less, do you find that you get to the point where you feel so bad - but a drink pulls you out of it?
Do you have any of these: fatigue, worsening memory, wake up with abdominal discomfort, episodes where your body shakes, or nausea?
Do you feel socially inept whenever there's no alcohol at a party?
Is it rare for you to eat three meals in a day?
Do you try to keep your drinking a secret from your family or coworkers?
Have you had arguments with family and friends about your drinking habits?
Are you afraid to go without alcohol during the day?
Have you had any blackouts recently?
Do you ever get withdrawal headaches, feel depressed, or feel suicidal on days when you don't drink?
Do you rearrange your budget to insure that alcohol is always in the house and may even replace some foods?


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