Substance Abuse

Are you looking for addiction treatment Austin TX? At Omega Recovery, we offer our clients the latest in addiction treatment through our community integrated treatment program. Traditional substance abuse treatment centers put the struggling individual in an artificial treatment bubble where its relatively easy to stay sober, but inevitably when that client leaves treatment, they are unprepared to deal with the stress of everyday life.

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    OMEGA Recovery’s Substance Abuse Treatment Center

    In this “community integration” model the clients get to experience life; shopping in the supermarket, going on a BBQ, going to a doctors appointment, going on a job interview, all with staff supervision and clinical staff that can help process any and all the feelings and emotions that can so often arise in early recovery.

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    Substance Abuse and Process Addictions We Treat

    Treatment Program

    Omega Recovery’s Substance Abuse Treatment Program has two key components.

    Clients are transported to clinical programming every weekday to participate in a vast array of treatment modalities that have been proven to be effective in treating substance abuse and mental health issues. During a typical week in programming clients will participate in motivational interviewing(MI), dialectical behavioral therapy(DBT), mindfulness meditation, relapse prevention, breathwork, and psychodrama. They will also have opportunities to participate in body movement therapies such as yoga, karate, and Qi Gong. Omega Recovery also utilizes the beautiful landscapes and parks of Austin, Texas for nature immersion groups and therapeutic excursions, such as rock climbing, ropes courses, kayaking, and hiking. Afternoons are spent at the Townlake YMCA participating in Active Recovery Coaching. 

    The housing component of Omega Recovery’s treatment program is supported by a 24/7 staffed living environment. The living environments are gender-specific, meaning men and women are housed separately. Clients will have the opportunity to learn or relearn how to perform everyday tasks such as making dinner, doing chores, financial planning, and preparing for job interviews. They will be a part of a tight-knit community and will be encouraged to offer support to their housemates along their journey. They will be transported every evening to a peer-based recovery meeting in the community such as 12 step meetings, SMART recovery, or Refuge recovery. Any client struggling with mental health issues will have the opportunity to participate in some alternative recovery programs and will not be required to identify as an addict or alcoholic.

    Outpatient Program

    Omega Recovery offers an Intensive Outpatient Rehab in Austin, TX

    Our holistic and trauma-informed services are here to provide you with care, regardless of which stage of recovery you are in. Whether you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one struggling with recovery – we can help.

    Our intensive outpatient rehab in Austin, TX is designed for individuals experiencing substance abuse issues. Our program offers individualized treatment plans in a comfortable setting near Downtown Austin, TX. We offer both day and evening group sessions. Clients attend programing 3 days a week for 3 hours each day, while attending our 8-week IOP program.

    Your Journey Starts Here

    Flexible appointments and urgent care. Or call — (512) 601-5407