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Intensive Outpatient Program in Austin, TX

Our intensive outpatient rehab in Austin, TX is designed for individuals experiencing substance abuse or mental health issues. Our program offers individualized treatment plans in a comfortable setting near Downtown Austin, TX. We offer both day and evening group sessions. Clients attend programing 3 days a week for 3 hours each day, while attending our 8-week IOP program.

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    Mental Health and Psychiatric Conditions We Treat:


    Bipolar Disorders


    Borderline Personality Disorder

    Anxiety Disorders (OCD and PTSD)

    Grief and Loss

    ADD and ADHD

    Thought Disorder

    Complex Trauma

    Career and Family Stressors

    Sex Addiction

    And More

    Would you prefer Tele-Therapy?

    COVID-19 is presenting new challenges, making it important to find new ways to work and interact while maintaining social distance and taking care of our mental health and well-being. These are stressful times, as many work from home for the first time, and face the loneliness, fear and insecurity of this pandemic which can increase anxiety and depression. There is no reason to suffer any longer.

    Omega Recovery’s Goal

    Omega Recovery is a holistically-oriented counseling and wellness center that will offer comprehensive services and treatment to clients and their families that are struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD and many other types of disorders.

    Omega Recovery’s treatment philosophy embraces the notion that all people have the capacity to grow, flourish, and self-actualize once they break free from the grip of active addiction and/or the psychological and/or emotional challenges that have been negatively impacting their lives. We honor the concept of the Omega Point, a term coined by the French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, which he used to describe the pinnacle of human consciousness and evolution.

    Real. Life. Treatment.


    See What Others Are Saying

    “It’s unlike any other program that I’ve been to, and I’ve been to many, I never want to leave Omega!”

    The staff cares a lot, the groups are very helpful. They saved my life in many different ways. I'm grateful for the staff at Omega. I owe them my life.
    Twyla Knott
    Twyla Knott
    20:28 05 Nov 19
    The staff here is amazing and they truly do care. I highly recommend them.
    Maximillian Juhasz
    Maximillian Juhasz
    21:37 09 May 18
    Omega really helped me re-start my recovery. The combination of 12 step meetings, processing, and physical activity was extremely well balanced. I would highly recommend this program to anybody serious about committing to a sober life.
    Max O'Brien
    Max O'Brien
    23:06 09 Dec 19
    I went to the Omega for help with depression and with their help, I was able to pull out of it and get back to my family. Their entire staff saved my life. I am so grateful for the Omega. Special thanks to my counselor, you were awesome!
    Jeremy Broad
    Jeremy Broad
    18:37 18 Nov 19
    I entered the Omega program, as an outpatient for mental health reasons. The relationship has been wonderful. They have been very helpful, I’m looking forward to starting my new life.
    Randa Almond
    Randa Almond
    19:52 21 Nov 19
    The Omega staff is very knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful. I'm very thankful for the referral to Omega. Their partial hospitalization program was effective and I recommend their services.
    Paul Sisk
    Paul Sisk
    20:24 14 Nov 19
    They have given me a new lease on life. There individual sessions combined with group therapy got through a terrible time in my life in which I can now speak openly about. I found confidence which I never had, and even begun to love myself! Thank you so much!
    Darren Mixon
    Darren Mixon
    23:14 31 Jul 19
    I wish I had the 5 star experience that everyone else seems to have had. The 5 star reviews seem to have been left close to a year ago, so maybe this is a new group of staff I dealt with. The experience thst I had with omega was terrible from start to finish. Right out of the gate I had a therapist, not a doctor or psychologist , tell me basically that my diagnosis was incorrect after speaking to her for 5 mins on the phone. Then on the date I was supposed to start therapy, I was never given a link to actually join therapy. Legitimately one of the worst mental health experiences I’ve ever had
    Aaron S
    Aaron S
    02:54 28 Oct 20
    I love 78704 Sober Living. I was dreading the move to a sober home but this program is really unique. I've been there for 6 months now and don't have plans to leave yet. The location is perfect too!
    PlayHa ppyClub
    PlayHa ppyClub
    11:59 15 Nov 20
    BEWARE!!! I had the worst experience with The founder David Naylor. He helped me through a very difficult process with my girlfriend present in the room. After the process he told me to stay in the room until I was ready to come out. When I came out I found him speaking with my girlfriend. Thought nothing of it, until I found out they continued to talk weeks after. This caused a breakup and more emotional issues. I was able to forgive my girlfriend and we moved on with our lives leaving David completely out of it. He was instructed not to try and communicate with her.Fast forward months and months later- Both my girlfriend and I download the new Clubhouse app only to find David reaching out to her again with in a minute of us downloading it.I’m not sure what kind of wellness center he is running- all I know is he is scum and I wouldn’t trust any business he is involved in.
    Dean Pea
    Dean Pea
    07:03 04 Jan 21
    David will try and destroy relationships
    Dan Peabody
    Dan Peabody
    07:09 04 Jan 21
    Omega Recovery is a wonderful place for healing and finding yourself. The therapists are very focused on each individual and their journey to recovery. The staff do their best to meet the needs of each client with their experience at Omega. This is the place for honest and true recovery for both mental health and substance abuse. 100% recommend!
    Rachel Dold
    Rachel Dold
    16:24 05 Jan 21
    I loved Omega! I had an amazing counselor Sarah who really helped me figure out my problems .The staff was awesome too very supportive and they helped me gain an awesome support group for my recoveryLoved the kayak trips too and great work outs in the afternoon
    Margaret Deibel
    Margaret Deibel
    16:23 05 Jan 21
    Omega helped me a lot! I stayed there for 3 months and it was much needed, my therapist Sarah really helped me figure out exactly what was going on and helped me work toward my goals. I am now in sober living and its also been a great experience and I met a lot of fun healthy people.
    ava ahmadi
    ava ahmadi
    20:04 09 Jan 21
    Unorganized, send you inoperable links for meetings, don't respond to voice-mails, texts or emails. Counselors miss meetings. Gripe at you if you step away to restroom. Not a place for me.
    D T
    D T
    21:58 31 Mar 21

    Call 512-456-9373 To Schedule a Visit!


    Call 512-456-9373 To Schedule a Visit!


    At Omega Recovery, we embrace the belief that addiction is a complex amalgam of oftentimes psychological, emotional, spiritual and/or physical distress. With that in mind, each client requires a very comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment in order to best understand the exact nature of their addictive distress in order to then individualize the best combination and layers of therapeutic modalities to help ease said addictive distress.

    Substance Abuse and Process Addictions We Treat:

    Alcohol Addiction

    Heroin and Opiates Addiction

    Amphetamines Addiction

    Marijuana Addiction

    Process Addiction

    Gambling Addiction

    Love Romance Relationships

    Sex Addiction


    Call 512-456-9373 To Schedule a Visit!


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    Every day, Omega Recovery helps people just like you successfully complete their treatment and leave empowered with an awareness of what was before, what they have now and what great opportunities accompany a future in recovery.

    Dr. Nicholas Kardaras

    Dr. Kardaras is an Ivy-League educated psychologist, an internationally renowned speaker, and one of the country’s foremost addiction experts. He is considered a leading expert on young people and digital addiction, he is the author of “Glow Kids”. He has appeared on ABC’s 20/20, Good Morning America, the CBS Evening News, FOX & Friends, NPR and many more programs

    Katherine Miller

    Katherine holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Mary Washington and a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker and has experience working with survivors of interpersonal violence and sexual assault, survivors of child abuse, and those with serious mental illness and addiction in community based mental health. She has experience working in nonprofits, government agencies, jails, and private practice settings.

    Michael Smeltzer

    Michael Smeltzer was born and raised in Austin, Texas. As a teenager, Michael was introduced to drugs and alcohol, and began drinking and using regularly. He noticed early on that his reaction to substances was abnormal. He was constantly thinking of the next high. Like so many addicts, he began to isolate, his relationships were strained, he resorted to crime, and his self-esteem plummeted. While studying business at Texas State University, his addiction reached the point of unmanageability.







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