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Awareness of mental health conditions are on the rise, which is important for helping everyone to feel emotionally strong. While people have been dealing with depression since the beginning of time, we now know so much more about how to help people overcome symptoms such as severe exhaustion and apathy. 

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Depression Treatment Omega Recovery

Austin Texas

Our team treats adults who are struggling with depression through an unmatched quality of care and support

Comprehensive Care

Depression is one such mental illness that can lead to chaos in an individual’s life when treatment is not sought and implemented. The pervasive and intrusive feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and all-consuming sadness that depression elicits can leave sufferers of this illness feeling as though they have no escape from the inner turmoil that taints their everyday lives.

Highly Accredited

We have earned the National Quality Approval from The Joint Commission.Our team consists of masters level clinicians that are nationally known. We are also Certified by Psychology Today and LegitScript. 

Convenient Location

Our min office is location is located just south of downtown. Close to jobs, coffee shops, restaurants, Barton Springs, Zilker Park and Ladybird/Town-lake.

Types of Treatment

All of the treatment methods implemented in our inpatient treatment center for depression utilize a multidisciplinary focus in order to ensure that an integrated approach to treatment that facilitates increased stabilization and growth is received by all patients. Furthermore, we place a high regard on the involvement of our patients’ families, knowing that their contribution to the therapeutic process is paramount to successful healing.

How to Help a Loved One

It can be gut-wrenching to witness a loved one struggle with depression. Watching the change in their attitude, demeanor, and behavior can be concerning and you may be feelings helpless as to what you can for them. While offering your unconditional support is the most beneficial thing that you can do for your loved one.

Continuing Care

We make it a priority to begin discharge planning from the moment a patient is admitted into our hospital. This plan coincides with a patient’s depression treatment plan and aims to address any concerns or needs for further, less intensive treatment after engaging in our treatment. 

Depression in the US. Depression Facts.

Depression is both a brain disorder and a state of mind. The brain is unique—it is the only organ whose function we consciously experience because the brain is the organ of the mind.

Depressed US Citizens

Depression Related Suicides in US

Our Philosophy

At Omega Recovery, Dr. Kardaras and our clinical team have created a new, better, and more effective way for people to not only to overcome depression, but to stay unrepressed. Traditional treatment programs put the struggling addict in an artificial treatment bubble where it’s relatively easy to shed depression, but inevitably when that client leaves treatment, they are unprepared to deal with the stress of everyday life.

From Our Clients

Former patients and their family members share their own experiences.

“If you are looking for an innovative approach to Recovery, then Omega is the route to take! Omega has an amazing team of professionals that will treat you will the respect, dignity, and compassion that we all deserve! Recovery is not often a singular issue. Omega takes each person in and equips them with a program that is tailor-made in setting the tone for someone to succeed! Omega is an amazing avenue for anyone that is looking to live a new way of life.”

Karen McCain

“Beautiful facility with amazing caring staff. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming and understanding. I appreciate their approach on solving addiction issues and emotional trauma. I feel this is winning combination for long term sobriety.”

Valerie Chism

“Incredible staff lead from the top of the organization. Omega truly cares about the community and each patient. I have known the owner for years and can say without question that he is one of the best in the industry. He has also built a strong staff around him that carries the message every single day.”

Brooke Lange

“Amazing facility and staff, first class all the way! David and his team are very exceptional people that really do care about you and your well being and getting you back to living life with a whole new and very positive perspective! Highly recommended to anyone seeking treatment!!”

Justin Arpasi

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