Types of Treatment


Omega Recovery is one for the most effective programs for alcoholism, substance abuse, and other forms of addiction. Omega is a tranquil treatment center, our program is robust and customized to address your individual needs. Ranging from alcoholism, substance abuse, mental health or underlying childhood trauma or emotional issues, Omega Recovery provides the right culture, safe environment, abundance of staff support and the highest level of committed licensed therapists, to create effective results.

Treatments include but are not limited to: CBT-Cognitive Behavior Therapy, DBT-Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Adventure Therapy, Nature Immersion, hypnosis, psychodrama, 12-step, group therapy, therapeutic lifestyle change, life coaching, individual therapy, life skills groups, peer recovery coaching, person fitness training.

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

At Omega Recovery we view addiction as a self-medicating symptom of some other underlying distress. That underlying distress can be different in each person: childhood trauma, psychiatric imbalance, physical pain, toxic relationships, existential crisis, personality disorders, unresolved bereavement, internalized shame, etc.

For each person, those issues can come together to form a unique “perfect storm” of active addiction. But meaningful recovery is not just detoxing the person from the substances or the addictive behavior; it’s understanding and then treating the issues that led to the self-medication and also helping the struggling addict develop a better sense of Self–and to develop the tools to live life in a more healthy and meaningful way.

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