Treatment Programs In Austin

Omega Recovery is a top-rated addiction treatment center, where we practice evidence-based treatment programs in Austin. Apart from drug and alcohol addiction, we also treat behavioral addictions like gambling, sex, video games, and internet addiction.

What is alcohol detox?

Alcohol detox is a treatment procedure used to eliminate the toxic remains and other wastes from your body caused by long-term alcohol consumption. A certified physician performs a medical detox procedure in a hospital-like setting, and your doctor may manage your symptoms using medications, counseling, and medical observation. 

Alcohol detox sets the beginning of rehab treatment. Medical detox helps individuals safely overcome withdrawal symptoms and effectively partake in addiction treatment. At our addiction treatment center, we offer the most effective and safe medical detox programs at a relatively low price.

Biofeedback therapy for drug addiction treatment

We are among the few rehab centers to offer biofeedback therapy as a part of our treatment programs in Austin. We use biofeedback therapy to help our recovering addicts realize and understand their involuntary functions. The human brain reacts in a certain way when you are nervous, anxious, or stressed. Some of these involuntary functions often become the root cause of substance/alcohol abuse.

Biofeedback therapy is the process of tracking unconscious body movements when exposed to physical and emotional stress. During this session, we monitor and track involuntary movements in you like breathing and heart rate, rise/fall in blood pressure, body temperature, etc. when exposed to a stressful situation, memory, or a conversation. We use this therapy to alleviate the symptoms of drug/alcohol withdrawal and to treat mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and restlessness.

Tips to avoid alcohol relapse

Recovery is a life-long process, and it requires commitment, determination, and self-control. We teach the following tips in our recovering addicts to help them stay focused on recovery:

  • Continue therapy – It is normal to experience negative thoughts and unwanted feelings from time to time. By attending therapy sessions at rehab on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, a treatment specialist can address your concerns and help you stay focused on sobriety.
  • Avoid places with alcohol – Avoid meeting with friends or acquaintances at bars. While you are determined to stay strong and focused, watching others drink can trigger cravings. Nonetheless, if you must attend a party that serves alcohol, make a short appearance, and hang out with a non-drinking friend throughout the event.
  • Manage cravings – Come up with effective coping mechanisms to manage triggers. Be consistent in attending 12-step meetings, support groups, and individual counseling sessions to manage cravings effectively. Exercise, yoga, and meditation are recommended practices to overcome cravings.

Besides, we also encourage our patients to pick up new hobbies after rehab. Signing up for a new class can foster new friendships, keep you engaged, and help you develop a positive outlook on life.

Call Omega Recovery today to know more about our treatment programs. At our rehab, we offer a combination of treatment programs in Austin that include psychotherapies, counseling, medications, and support groups to help patients overcome addiction.