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Our Mission

Our Purpose is to Help You Get Sober and Stay Sober, to Live Your Life Free from Addiction.

We believe everyone that applies themselves in the right program, with proper guidance and accountability can live clean and sober lives free from substance abuse.

The Omega Recovery Mission

Our mission is simply to help everyone suffering from addiction, including individuals, family, and employees. We do this through personally customized therapy and continuous proactive engagement with clients. Omega Recovery is a peaceful, distraction free environment for our clients to relax, focus and work on the suffering from addiction to recover in a way that works for the individuals needs.

“Omega Healthcare, a transformational healthcare organization that provides leading programs around the country in the field of treating addiction and mental health. These Programs focus on addressing not only addiction, but also core trauma, shame, compulsive behaviors, and codependency  that treat the root causes. While most centers treat the primary symptoms, our programs focus on bridging the traditional Recovery 12 step approach along with treating the underlying issues and family of origins, focusing on a more holistic approach.” ~ David Naylor, Founder



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