Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment

Omega Recovery offers the best  inpatient psychiatric treatment center with the highest success rates and hundreds of positive reviews. We help our patients attain improved mental health wellness using customized treatments and evidence-based therapies. Here is a list of our inpatient psychiatric treatment services:

  • Depression treatment

Depression refers to a mood disorder causing individuals to feel persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest. Depression requires long-term treatment; at our facility, we help patients overcome this psychiatric condition using a combination of medication, psychotherapy, and experiential therapies. We are the best mental health living for males and females battling depression. 

  • Borderline personality treatment

It is a mental health disorder that impacts the way you feel about yourself and the people around you. It can affect your everyday functioning and can cause self-image issues and problems in managing emotions and behavior. We help borderline personality disorder patients overcome their intense fear of abandonment or instability using motivational interviewing (MI), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness meditation, relapse prevention, breathwork, and psychodrama. We are one of the pioneer residential mental health treatment centers for borderline personality disorder in Texas.

  • Bipolar disorder treatment

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that comes with extreme mood swings. These emotional highs and lows can affect sleep, energy, performance in everyday activities, decision-making ability, behavior, and the individual’s ability to think clearly.

Our psychiatrists use a combination of physical exams, psychiatric assessment, and mood charting to diagnose bipolar disorder. Our clinical team includes:

  • The most experienced and skilled psychologists.
  • Social workers.
  • Psychiatric nurses who help our clients manage bipolar disorder and its symptoms.

We use a combination of medications, holistic therapies, psychotherapies, and inpatient rehab treatment to help patients cope with bipolar disorder.

  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Dual diagnosis refers to the presence of a mental health issue alongside drug or alcohol addiction. Ranked as one of the top sober living homes in Austin, we treat dual diagnosis using an integrated treatment approach. Some of the common mental health issues that arrive alongside addiction include anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and schizophrenia. Our mental health therapists try to identify and treat the root cause of addiction using a customized healing plan, which helps clients attain comprehensive recovery from dual diagnosis.

  • PTSD treatment

PTSD is a psychological condition that occurs as a result of experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. Some of the symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, and recurring thoughts about the traumatic event. Seeking effective Austin, TX, mental health treatment for PTSD is crucial to reduce symptoms, improve performance in everyday activities, and maintain healthy relationships.

We help clients suffering from PTSD cope and process with their traumatic memories, allowing them lead an improved quality of life. Our therapists use a combination of psychotherapies, medications, and holistic therapies to address PTSD. 

Get in touch with us at 512-559-7837 to join our inpatient psychiatric treatment program. Omega Recovery is a top-rated rehab for mental and behavioral health issues with compassionate, friendly, and highly skilled clinical staff. Our tailored treatment approach and individual attention help patients attain comprehensive recovery from addiction and their mental health problems. Verify your insurance with us today.

Evidence-based Modalities for Treatments

Building on the pioneering work of Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Omega created cutting edge protocols combined with the best evidence-based modalities to meaningfully and effectively treat young people struggling with substance addiction, mental health and/or tech addiction issues.

Omega Recovery’s Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, explains in his book “Glow Kids” how modern-day technology is equally if not more dopaminergic(addictive) than drugs and alcohol. Considered a leading expert in digital addiction, he has clinically worked with 1,000 individuals and written about the subject for Time, Scientific American, Psychology Today, Solan, and FOX News, and has appeared on Good Morning America, ABC’s 20/20, the CBS Evening News, CNN, FOX & Friends, NPR, and in Esquire, New York magazine, and Vanity Fair.

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    Treatments we Offer

    Tech Addiction Treatment

    One of the most serious issues with Tech Addiction is the absence of online responsibility. Users are often hiding behind a screen and engage in behavior that they would never do in real life. Omega includes our clinical program as a way to unplug from our devices.

    Mental Health Treatment

    Omega Recovery works with clients to help them manage their mental health symptoms by providing group and individual therapy, psychiatric consultation and evaluation, community support, and information on how to better manage their illness.

    Substance Abuse Treatment

    There is a risk of abuse and addiction whenever someone uses drugs or alcohol. Everyone is at risk of developing a substance abuse disorder, regardless of how much they use. Omega Recovery’s extensive diagnostic evaluations are used to determine whether or not addiction recovery should be a necessary treatment plan.

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