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Johnny The Healer is a highly sought-after addiction treatment specialist in California. As one of the leading luxury drug rehab centers in the country, we use advanced therapies such as stem cell therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and NAD IV therapy to treat addiction.

Benefits of joining a drug rehab center

The decision to seek help from a rehab center is the first step in your journey towards recovery. Here are some of the benefits of joining a drug rehab center:

  • Trying to recover on your own can be extremely hard, and any efforts in that direction can prove futile. By joining a drug rehab, you will heal and recover in the supervision of a skilled clinical team.
  • You will overcome addiction and the co-occurring mental health issues in a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental environment with peers battling with similar evils as you.
  • You will undergo a combination of treatments such as medical detox, psychotherapies, counseling, and support group sessions, all of which will help you attain comprehensive recovery from addiction.

As one of the peak drug rehab centers in California, we predominantly focus on equipping recovering addicts with essential skills and exercises to help them overcome triggers, stressful situations, and cravings. We use the unique Pouyan method to address dual diagnosis and to prepare patients for a healthy, fulfilling, and drug-free life after rehab.

Addiction treatment at our luxury drug rehab

We are one of the leading luxury drug rehabs in the country, and we offer 100% one-on-one addiction treatment. We offer 150 hours of 1-1 care and follow real holistic healing practices. Located at an ocean-front location, we offer the most comfortable and luxurious amenities for our recovering addicts.

All our recovering addicts enjoy superior treatment and therapies during their treatment, such as daily massage therapy, dead seas salt bath, amino drips, ozone therapy, carbon sauna, etc. We replenish the mind, body, and spirit of recovering addicts with an 80% raw diet that encompasses superfoods and protein-rich foods. Furthermore, we use the highly rewarding Pouyan method to restore a recovering addict’s brain to the pre-addiction state.

Importance of sacred plant medicine therapy in recovery

We use sacred plants like Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, and DMT to help patients attain sobriety. We believe that sacred plant medicine therapy is a side-effect-free addiction treatment, and it offers several physical and psychological benefits to its users.

Our shamans use Ibogaine and Ayahuasca on recovering addicts for their psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects. These plant-based drugs activate the long term memory in individuals and stimulate the visual scenes from patients’ past. Individuals undergo an intense reflection of memories for several hours and realize how their addictive drug-using behavior has negatively impacted their life. Sacred plant-based medicine therapy creates a positive impact on recovering addicts and encourages them to make healthy life changes.

To overcome addiction and the additional co-occurring mental health issues, call (310)-601-7805 and schedule a consultation with Johnny The Healer. We are one of the top drug rehab centers in California with luxury amenities and effective treatment programs.

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