Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program

At Omega Recovery, we provide our patients with the tools, the resources, and the education that they need to become more self-aware and to make better decisions when urges to relapse arise. It’s easy to get clean in a drug and alcohol treatment center, no matter how good or bad the treatment program is. The real challenge comes after graduation when the patient has finished the program and goes back into the real world.

At Omega Recovery, you will find one of the best Austin drug and alcohol abuse programs in Texas, run by people who care and tell it like it is. Omega Recovery provides the starting point in a life-long journey that is recovery. It is our job and our sincerest desire to set up each patient for success. We want you to know that if you need help overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol, you should not let anything hold you back, including relationships, jobs, family, or any other commitments. Why do we say this? Addiction is a disease – a very progressive one that always ends in jails, institutions, or death if it is not treated.

Choosing the Austin Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program that is Right for You

There are basically two types of drug and alcohol certificate programs to choose from. For example, some facilities have licensed therapists who are licensed to treat mental and nervous disorders. Often, these kinds of disorders take place alongside a substance abuse disorder, and these are commonly known as co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis. Then, there are drug and alcohol abuse programs that are not licensed, but they are instead certified.

Certification programs require a certain amount of education and training. At Omega Recovery, all of our program graduates obtain certificates of completion. These certificates can be shown to judges, employers, and others as proof that you have received treatment from licensed and certified professionals. A certificate is also a memorial of your accomplishments. Many of our program members will frame their certificates and hang them in their hallways or bedrooms for constant reminders of what they overcame and how hard they worked.

Why Choose Omega Recovery?

At Omega Recovery, we have the best Austin drug and alcohol abuse program because our approach to recovery is a holistic one. In other words, we treat the whole person. This means we address addiction and underlying mental health disorders, as more than half of everybody in the United States who is addicted to drugs or alcohol also has an underlying psychological disorder! Not every drug and alcohol program is qualified or certified to offer this level of care for their patients.

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If you would like to learn more about our drug and alcohol program in Austin, contact Omega Recovery today. We can help you get started on the right foot. The path of recovery is a long, windy road with lots of bumps, turns, potholes, and traffic. But if you set yourself up for success, you can overcome the obstacles and get to where you’re going safely and soberly.

Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program